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    The Clintons’ WAR ON WOMEN


    The Clintons’ War on Women is a New York Times Bestseller!

    Hillary Clinton ran for president as an “advocate of women and girls,” but there is another shocking side to her story that has been carefully covered up—until now. This stunning exposé reveals for the first time how Bill and Hillary Clinton systematically abused women and others—sexually, physically, and psychologically—in their scramble for power and wealth.

    SCREENING SANDY HOOK: Causes and Consequences


    Most parents would never consider dispensing deadly addictive street drugs to their children, but if a trusted physician writes a prescription for an FDA-approved schedule 2 “medication” for their two-year old based on some questionable mental health screening, those unwary parents do not question or object. Despite side effect warnings, regularly revealed during TV ads, parents frequently fail to take those warnings seriously, perhaps presuming that the side effects rarely occur.

    Over the decades, organized psychiatry convened numerous consensus panels that designed hundreds of non-biologically based “disorders” for its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) especially suitable for the pill-for-every-ill pharmaceutical industry that conceivably already had many profitable solutions for the “disorders,” in the pre-production process.

    The consequences have been disastrous with no discernable end in sight—some people taking prescription drugs or withdrawing from them have perpetrated school, mall and public shootings. That is in addition to thousands of suicides that the public never hears about, unless the victim is a well-known public figure. The military-related suicide rate alone is 8,000 per year—untold numbers of these are the result of the psychiatric drug cocktails doled out by Veterans Administration psychiatrists. The government is Big Pharma’s largest customer.

    In addition to the homicides and suicides, irreversible brain damage results from drug remedies to temporary problems that might have been easily resolved through compassionate interaction and talk therapy. Despite the claim that drugs were not a factor in the Sandy Hook mass murders, certain circumstances provide a different picture.

    Adam Lanza, always a unique individual, changed from being a “geeky, weird kid” to being a mass murderer, not of people his own age, but of beautiful, vulnerable children feeling secure in their classrooms in a sleepy bedroom community in Connecticut.

    Softcover, 600 pages



    This is the story of one American’s journey from rural Iowa to West Point to Hollywood and back again in search of the American dream—a dream all Americans once held in common and expected to achieve in their lifetimes. But something happened along the way. For far too many Americans, this dream has slipped through their fingers due to no fault of their own. Hard work, dedication and faith have not been enough.

    But what can the average American do to rectify the situation when the foe is so strong—the combined might of the military-industrial-media-banking complex? This modern-day leviathan has been steadily eating away at the very fabric of our nation and turning the American dream, and the vision of our founding fathers, into a sordid nightmare from which we are having trouble awakening.

    Contained in this book are the answers. Eagles Are Gathering is an urgent clarion call to action. The author implores us to stop fighting amongst ourselves and gather in unison to stop the forces of greed and mayhem that have engulfed us in perpetual debt and perpetual war—and ever-diminishing freedom. We the People must heed the dire warnings and the inspirational message of hope contained within this book and act upon them. Merlin Miller’s journey is our journey, and it will lead us on a road to spiritual, economic and national salvation. We must not succumb to the dark powers of a tyrannical New World Order, but rise in unity to defend our sovereignty, unalienable rights, and spiritual and familial well-being. Although the odds are against us and the stakes unbelievably high, we must rise as Eagles to restore the American republic and her traditional goodness.

    Read this book. Think about it. Pass it on to others. Buy additional copies for friends and family. This is a book that can make a difference.

    Softcover, 241 pages

    Merlin L. Miller was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, and graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. He served several years in the U.S. Army where he commanded two units and then worked as an industrial engineering manager for Michelin Tire Company. In 1983, he was accepted into the University of Southern California’s “Peter Stark Motion Picture Producing Program,” graduating in 1985 with an MFA degree in cinema and television. He subsequently became an independent screenwriter, motion picture producer, director, and instructor.

    Merlin’s award winning films include; “A Place to Grow” starring Gary Morris, Tracy Kristofferson, John Beck and Wilford Brimley, and “Jericho” starring Mark Valley, Leon Coffee, Lisa Stewart, R. Lee Ermey and Buck Taylor.

    His vision is to build a viable and far-reaching alternative to Hollywood, one that can help shape a more positive destiny for the marginalized, yet traditionally valued American majority.

    In recent years, Merlin wrote a historical treatise, “The American Dream,” and published several articles, connecting military, political and media intrigues.