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The New World Order Exposed


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Introduction: Conspireality and Synchroconspiranicity

New World Order Conspiracies

1) Is Obama’s “Mama” Really His Mama?

2) Operation Gladio 2.0, 9-11, and the Norway Massacre

3) TWA Flight 800: A Case of Mistaken Identity?

4) Pat Tillman: The Murder of a Military Poster Boy

5) The Lusitania Attack: Blueprint for 9-11 and other False-Flags

6) L.A. Riots 1992: A Personal Account

The Kennedy Curse

7) The Assassination of John F. Kennedy, Jr.

8) The Other Side of Chappaquiddick

9) “Poppy” Bush and the Nightmare on Elm Street

True Crime

10) Patty Hearst: The SLA and Death to the Fascist Insect

11) Zodiac Killer: Into the Occult Underground

12) Adam Gorightly Interview: Charles Manson and Beyond

Societal Control

13) Edward Bernays: Enlightened Despotism

14) The Frankfurt School: Cultural Marxism and the Creation of Political Correctness

15) Experiments in the Abuse of Authority

Federal Reserve

16) Richard Nixon: Watergate and the Federal Reserve Connection

17) Blast from the Past Interview with G. Edward Griffin: The Creature from Jekyll Island

High Strangeness

18) Stanley Kubrick and the Moon Hoax

19) The Abduction of Travis Walton

20) MK-Stargate

21) Analysis: Project Soul Catcher

22) An Alchemist Speaks: Escaping the Reality Hoax

23) Chemtrail Genocide


Conspireality Book Review

By Keith Johnson

Yes, conspiracies are real. One only need look to their local newspaper for daily evidence of crimes committed as a result of collusion between two or more persons. No one would deny that. Nevertheless, if you dare suggest that conspiracies exist on a grand scale, you’re often labeled as a paranoid kook or delusional nutcase.

In his latest book, entitled Conspireality, hard-hitting investigative journalist Victor Thorn takes on the naysayers with a vengeance. Instead of floating conspiracy theories, Thorn delivers the facts and presents the hardcore evidence like a skilled attorney delivers his case to a jury.

Although each individual chapter can be read as a stand-alone piece, a much bigger picture emerges as one digs deeper into the book. Ultimately, the reader is faced with an elaborate web of interconnected conspiracies that are difficult to dismiss as mere coincidence.

What does the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 have to do with the Watergate scandal that unseated President Richard M. Nixon? Why is the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 a virtual mirror image of the World Trade Center attack on 9/11? Where is the common denominator between the Patty Hearst kidnapping, the Zodiac killings and government-funded mind control projects? These are only a few of the many questions answered in Thorn’s masterpiece.

Of even greater importance is Thorn’s attention to the Frankfurt School, correctly identifying them as “the architects of America’s cultural demise from WWII to today.” Perhaps this in itself is the most significant conspiracy of all considering that their hidden hand can be traced to the civil rights movement, feminism, beatniks, gay pride, black power, multiculturalism, abortion-on-demand and virtually all of the other counter-cultural infestations that have poisoned our nation and brought us to the brink of moral collapse.

Which brings us now to Obama—a product of the Frankfurt School and Marxist ideology. Thorn’s 10-page chapter on this illegitimate U.S. “president” is a must read for anyone frustrated by the so-called “debunkers” who try their damnedest to lend credibility to Obama’s fraudulent biography. Thorn has done the legwork of sifting through mountains of individual pieces of research on the subject. He cuts through the fat, separates fact from fiction, and delivers a concise deconstruction of Obama’s mythical past. The end result is a briskexposé on the undeniable inconsistencies, anomalies and outright fabrications that will leave even the staunchest Obama supporter without retort.

Thorn reminds us that Americans have been playing against a stacked deck for well over 100 years and that the invisible prison-complex that continues to be built around them has been crafted from a blueprint drawn up long ago. Many of the cartels, families, cults and government agencies identified in one chapter find their way—by only a few degrees of separation—in another. The same can be said for the various strategies being deployed. Whether it relates to propaganda or government-sponsored terror, the synchronistic links Thorn makes are uncanny and compels even the most skeptical reader to consider where other connections can be made.

Thorn does a masterful job of bringing the esoteric in alignment with history and current events. Once one understands the post WWII campaign that came to be known as Operation Gladio, it’s easy to pick apart the official stories behind 9/11 or Norway’s 2011 massacre. After you become familiar with the elaborate and coordinated cover-up of downed TWA Flight 800, the theories behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr. and Iraq-war whistle-blower Pat Tillman become much more plausible.

More than a dozen prominent thinkers, activists, investigators and journalists contributed to the making of Conspireality. Some of those exclusively interviewed by Thorn include AMERICAN FREE PRESS’s own Michael Collins Piper and Pete Papaherakles, The Creature from Jekyll Island author G. Edward Griffith, Former Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Ted Gunderson, and independent filmmaker John Hankey.

Thorn’s interview with conspiracy researcher Adam Gorightly is particularly intriguing. His well-documented revelations about convicted killer Charles Manson serves as a compelling argument that the cult leader “was a probable victim of mind control” and that the Tate-LaBianca murders were used to create “a ‘strategy of tension’—a ploy devised to erode our civil liberties and bring about a Police State.” This “strategy of tension” is a theme that is revisited several times in the book and is intrinsically linked to every significant New World Order plot from WWI to present day.

I can find no better way to conclude the review of this book than to lift a quote from the author himself. In the final paragraph of his introduction to Conspireality, Thorn writes:

“In the end, it’s clear to those in the know that conspiracies are a ‘reality’ and once an individual willingly opens this doorway and enters that life-altering realm, they also open their Self to all the anomalies associated with synchronicity. It’s one helluva ride, and most certainly better than the so-called “normalcy” that the rest of ‘them’ have to suffer through.”





The “Crimes” of Jim Traficant

Although there are probably dozens of members of Congress who could be indicted and convicted for major criminal offenses involving high-stakes bribery and influence peddling that is often quite open and never prosecuted, the Justice Department spent many years coming up with a handful of dubious charges against Rep. Jim Traficant.

Ask anyone who knows how it works in official Washington and they’ll privately admit that the real reason Traficant was indicted on criminal charges was simply the fact that “the powers that be” didn’t like Traficant: he was just too honest and too outspoken.

Right up front, let’s lay it out. Here are some of Traficant’s real “crimes” in the eyes of the elite who railroaded Jim Traficant into federal prison in 2002.

• Criticizing the IRS and calling for expanded protections for the rights of taxpayers under fire from IRS;

• Taking a hard-line stand against NAFTA, the World Trade Organization, and so-called “free” trade and urging protectionist measures to preserve American jobs and defend domestic industry from predatory global speculators;

• Tackling not only corruption inside the FBI and the Justice Department, but also personally assailing the integrity of former Attorney General Janet Reno;

• Attacking Wall Street wheeling and dealing and raising questions about the enrichment of high-level financial interests through the lending practices of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund;

• Accusing then-Vice President Al Gore of “trying to steal the election” in the midst of the long-and-drawn-out post-election debacle in 2000;

• Calling for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from trouble-spots around the globe and questioning constant U.S. meddling in the affairs of other nations;

• Charging American policy-makers with treason for having given top-secret U.S. defense and nuclear technology to the butchers in Peking;

• Coming to the defense of Ukraine-born Cleveland autoworker John Demjanjuk who was falsely charged by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations of being a “Nazi war criminal,”—only to be cleared, ironically, by an Israeli court. (Ultimately, with Traficant sidelined in his own federal trial, they went after Demjanjuk again on “new” charges and restarted the process of seeking to deport the beleaguered old man.)

• Demanding that U.S. troops be sent to guard the Mexican border and prevent continuing hordes of illegal aliens—and potential terrorists—from entering into the United States; and—last but very far from least:

• Challenging one-sided U.S. aid and support for Israel, saying that the biased policy was to the detriment of America’s security and Middle East interests.

Traficant was the only member of Congress—the day after the Sept. 11 tragedy—to point out that U.S. support for Israel and open borders were root problems leading to the tragedy.

While Traficant enunciated these truths, other members of Congress squirmed uneasily, sitting in silence, as Traficant spoke out—even in the face of his impending trial—never one to be cowed.





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Table of Contents



The Global Shadow Money-Lending System v
ISDA – International Swap & Derivatives Association vii
Understanding the Derivative Market Casino xv
When Things Go Wrong Because of Greed xxi
A World of Illusions xxv
September 11 and the Credit Bubble xxvii




On The Threat of Money-Lenders xxxi




Thinking About Money xxxiii
Money Is An Idea xxxv
There Must Be Consensus xxxviii
The Element of Confidence xxxix
The Concept of Paper Money Before 1971 xl
The Concept of Paper Money After 1971 xliv
“Fiat” Money xlvii



Debt 101 Revisited xlix
The Money-Lenders Got Greedy l
How Can the Money-Lenders Factor Their Book-Debts? lii
Defaults Set In lv
Strange Phenomenon of Fed Rates Down,
Borrowing Rates Up lvii
Collapse of Auction Rate Securities lviii
Costs of Credit Default Swaps lx


1. The Financial Rapists In Sheep’s Clothing Part 1 3
2. The Financial Rapists In Sheep’s Clothing Part 2 17
3. The Global Banking Collapse Part 1 23
4. The Global Banking Collapse Part 2 34



5. 1st Red Alert – Fed Finally Admits Banking Collapse 41
6. 2nd Red Alert – Second Confirmation:
Big Banks Are Insolvent 46
7. 3rd Red Alert – 2nd Red Alert Analysis
Corroborated By Financial Experts 51
8. 4th Red Alert – Financial Armageddon Is Upon All of Us 54
9. 5th Red Alert – Federal Reserve Letter
to Bank of America 58
10. 6th Red Alert – Don’t Believe the Hype,
Don’t Be Greedy 65



11. The Fairy Tale Budget for A Life In Wonderland 71
12. Wall Street Surge: After Fed Cut Rates – Wow! 77
13. 7th Red Alert – Open Global Currency Warfare
Fed Is Ditching the Dollar 83
14. 8th Red Alert – Financial Charlatan, Crook and
International War Criminal:
Alan Greenspan 91
15. Dow 300 Points Collapse 98



16. USA Will Be Compelled To Impose Capital
And Exchange Controls – Global Pandemonium 105
17. Jim Rogers’ Options – What Are Your Options? 108
18. World’s Financial Markets Shattered
By Merrill Lynch’s US$8 billion Write-Off
From Sub-Prime Losses 110
19. How I Can Be Wrong and Still Be Right 112
20. 9th Red Alert – Go for Hong Kong Dollar 119



21. 10th Red Alert – The FASB 3rd Level Cover-up Fraud 123
22. 11th Red Alert 130
23. Lord William Rees Mogg
Lets the Cat Out of the Bag 131
24. Booming Market for Structured Investment Funds 139
25. Understanding the Fraudulent Structures
of Mortgaged-Backed Securities 145
26. Year End Alert 153



27. The Death Knell for Fractional Reserve Banking 157
28. Appealing to Greed:
Will Malaysian SIVs Succeed In This Suckers’ Game? 167
29. Why Would Anyone Pay 85 Cents
For Something Worth 20 Cents
Or Even Less – For Junk? 176



30. 2008 – The Year of Confusion,
Despair and Extreme Anger
For Many Innocent and Hardworking Wage Earners 189
31. Malaysian Stock Punters – Gluttons for Punishment 198
32. PM: Confidence Perks Up Bourse 205
33. Pak Lah – Another Con Artist, Like Bush 212


The Golfer & Derivative Trading 219
Davos Re-Visited 222
Controlled Chaos and “Creative” Destruction 224
Norman Podhoretz – The Personification of Evil 228
Abolish the Fed, Central Banks and Taxation 232



Appendix 1: The Risk and Danger of Derivatives
What You Should Do To Prevent It 241
Appendix 2: Capacity of Counter-Parties in
Derivative Transactions 262
Appendix 3: QCC’s Quarterly Report on Bank
Derivatives – 3rd Quarter 2007 284
Appendix 4: Fed’s Analysis of Reserves of
Depository Institutions 316


From the Introduction

The intended title of my third book was The Shadow Money-Lenders and the 9-11 Money Machine. I wanted to expose the Global Shadow Money-Lenders and how they exploited the events of 9-11 that enabled them to control global banking and finance in a manner beyond their wildest dreams.

However, events in December 2006 prevented me from embarking on the research as it was apparent then that the global banking system and the shadow money-lenders’ agenda were fast collapsing.

I abandoned my efforts to write my third book and devoted all my efforts to collecting and collating data, scanning the latest news reports, downloading financial newsletters etc. so as to be up to speed on the fast unfolding events, and to come up with timely analysis and forecast. The contents of this book will show that I was way ahead of the curve, and time and again proven right in my conclusions.

The main message in this book is blunt and direct. And I offer no apologies. The modern banking system has collapsed. This has triggered a Financial Tsunami. The consequences will be ugly. For those Americans who are now living in tents as a result of foreclosures by banks, they need no further convincing. However, if you are still indulging in intellectual masturbation, you deserve to be wiped out. 

It can be said without any fear of contradiction that people acquainted with global finances are familiar with the names of the major global banks and investment houses such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, Citi Group, Morgan Stanley, the Rothschild Bank, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Barclays Bank, UBS etc.

But few would be aware of the organization set up by the above-named banks to organise and manage the Shadow Money-Lending System. I give you the name of this organization. It is: I.S.D.A International Swap & Derivatives Association. ISDA is the organization that spawned the US$500 trillion3 global derivatives market. This is the organization that designed and manufactured most, if not all the derivative products – the financial WMDs.

For those who have not read my book, Future Fast-Forward, I append below the critical passage regarding the danger of derivatives.

Gambling on Derivatives — Financial Tsunami
Warren Buffet, the world’s greatest stock market investor, known as the ‘Sage of Omaha’, in his Chairman’s Letter in the Berkshire Hathaway 2002 Annual Report, said: “We view them as time bombs both for the parties that deal in them and the economic system. In our view, derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction, carrying dangers that, while now latent, are potentially lethal.” 

As far back as 1990, Sir Julian Hodge in a memo dated November of that year to senior executives of the Julian Hodge Bank said: “In no circumstances enter the derivatives trading market without first agreeing to it in writing with me . . . At some time in the future, it could bring the world’s financial system to its knee.”

We need only to recall the fear and panic caused by the collapse of the hedge fund LTCM whose principal shareholders were Prof. Robert C. Merton of Harvard University and Prof. Myron S. Scholes, who shared the Nobel Prize in Economics for ground-breaking research in determining the value of derivatives. The Federal Reserve had to intervene and rescue the fund at a cost of US$3.5 billion as it was feared that its collapse would cause a meltdown of the world’s financial system.

The QCC Bank Derivatives Report for the 3rd quarter of 2004 reported that the notional value of derivatives held by U.S. banks rose to a record US$84.2 trillion, from US$81 trillion in the 2nd quarter. This is mind-boggling! The report stated that derivatives volumes continued to be dominated by interest-rate contracts, which grew US$2.4 trillion during the quarter to US$73 trillion or 87% of the total derivatives volumes. Foreign exchange contracts rose US$163 billion during the same period to US$7.9 trillion or 9% of the total. The remaining 4% was made up of equity, commodity and credit derivatives. The banks’ total risk exposure through these financial instruments rose to US$804 billion, up from the previous quarter of US$752 billion.

It should be noted that as at December 31, 2003, the top 25 U.S. commercial banks and trust companies accounted for 95.5% of total derivatives traded. They are as follows:

1) JPMorgan Chase $ 36.8 trillion
2) Bank of America NA $ 14.8 trillion
3) Citibank $ 11.1 trillion
4) Wachovia Bank National Assn $ 2.3 trillion
5) HSBC Bank USA $ 1.3 trillion
6) Bank One National Assn $ 1.2 trillion
7) Bank of New York $ 561 billion
8) Wells Fargo Bank $ 557 billion
9) Fleet National Bank $ 443 billion
10) State Street Bank & Trust Co $ 369 billion
11) National City Bank $ 252 billion
12) National City Bank of In $ 133 billion
13) Keybank National Assn $ 91 billion
14) Mellon Bank National Assn $ 88 billion
15) Standard Federal Bank NA $ 78 billion
16) Suntrust Bank $ 77 billion
17) La Salle Bank National Assn $ 70 billion
18) PNC Bank National Assn $ 48 billion
19) Deutsche Bank TR Co Americas $ 46 billion
20) US Bank National Assn $ 43 billion
21) Merrill Lynch Bank USA $ 35 billion
22) Capital One Bank $ 28 billion
23) Northern Trust Co $ 26 billion
24) Irwin Union Bank & Trust Co $ 19 billion
25) Union Bank of California NA $ 19 billion*
* All figures have been rounded up to nearest billion.

What is of concern is that the top three banks have exposures far in excess of their assets. The statistics in the QCC report is alarming. In the case of JPMorgan Chase, while exposure is US$36 trillion, assets are only US$628 billion which works out to approximately US$58 of derivatives per dollar of asset. Credit exposure to Risk Based Capital Ratio is approximately 844%. Bank of America’s exposure is US$14.8 trillion while assets are US$617 billion, the ratio being approximately US$24 of derivatives per dollar of asset. Credit exposure to Risk Based Capital Ratio is approximately 221%. And in the case of Citibank, exposure is US$11.1 trillion while assets are US$582 billion, the ratio being approximately US$19 of derivatives per dollar of asset. Credit exposure to Risk Based Capital Ratio is approximately 96% …



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The CONTROLLERS: Secret Rulers of the World + 6-MONTH PRINT SUBSCRIPTION (U.S.)

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Edward A. Whitney is a researcher who specializes in global affairs. In 1990, intrigued by President George H.W. Bush’s frequent mention of the “New World Order,” he began an in-depth study of that subject and its many ramifications. In pursuit of information on this vitally important subject, Mr. Whitney has read several hundred books and several thousand newspaper and magazine articles by authors on every side of the political spectrum.

Each piece of information was evaluated as to reliability of the source and as to consistency with other known data, the same process that is used by intelligence analysts.

The large amount of information obtained in this lengthy search was organized into a database, with separate pages for each individual, organization and the events involved. From this data came a chronology of key events, cross-references, various lists and, finally, this book.

The main purpose of this book is to inform the public about recent events, especially the evil things done in secret by the promoters of the New World Order in their quest for global governance and world domination.