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The Illuminati Files (Volume 1—The Plan to Reinvent the World):

Texe Marrs begins an informative and captivating new series, focusing on the history of the Illuminati and its goal of deconstructing civilization and reinventing the world. You’ll discover, for example, that the true, final objective of the Illuminati was once explained by one of their leaders who boasted, “Once we are in our fullest power, we shall crush the wretch (Jesus Christ).” From Weishaupt to Pike to Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao, that objective has never changed. The world is to be destroyed and made over with all the vestiges of Christianity and human freedom obliterated.

Audio CD, 60 minutes

The Illuminati Files (Volume 2—Revolution of Blood):

Texe Marrs explores the methods used by the Illuminati conspirators to accomplish their goals. The French Revolution, with its guillotines, church desecrations, torture, mass drowning of Christians, and secret societies, was followed by the Communist Bolshevik Revolution, which was led by Jews like Trotsky, Kaganovich and Lenin, all of whom despised Christianity and the Bible. The Illuminati have given us a damnable heritage of torment and blood, but they have only begun.

Audio CD, 60 minutes

Illuminati Files (Volume 3—The Widow Makers’ Death Is Their Obsession):

Mind-jarring new revelations! What secret force compelled the wicked acts of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and Mao, resulting in the torture, purging and massacre of tens of millions? Why has Israel acquired an arsenal of some 400 nuclear bombs? Why is Red China now arming itself to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction? Are the Illuminati elite planning to destroy entire cities and civilizations? Do they intend to depopulate the world, usher in a fiery holocaust, and build a New Age Kingdom over the ashes? Does Satan require blood! Here is evidence that global peace is not in sight and that mass death and suffering is the Illuminati’s gruesome prescription for mankind’s scary future.

CD, 60 minutes

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