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REMEMBER the USS LIBERTY: Special 46th Anniversary Report PDF

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ON JUNE 8, 1967, THE AIR AND NAVAL FORCES OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL conducted a brutal three-hour attack on a barely armed U.S. intelligence vessel. Israeli jets strafed the ship; torpedo boats launched their deadly projectiles at the stricken ship. The life rafts were machine-gunned. “No survivors” was the order from Israeli military officials. When the attack was over, 34 American sailors and Marines were dead and 171 gravely wounded.

“Mistaken identity,” Israel cried, as the American public was kept completely in the dark about the incident. But the Liberty was easily identifiable that clear day. Some of the Israeli pilots, seeing that the ship was an American “ally” vessel, broke off their strafing runs. They were ordered to renew their deadly attacks. But Liberty would not go down. She limped home listing badly to one side.

The TRADITION of the MOTHER: The Aryan & Non-Aryan in the Near East & Europe 300 B.C. – 1000 A.D (PDF)


William A White is the former Commander of the American National Socialist Workers Party and, as the Lhasa Apso-headed Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center sees it, “the most wildly obnoxious neo-Nazi in the United States.”

Author of Centuries of Revolution (TBR Books, 2012), and Tradition of the Mother (Poisoned Pen Press, 2013), White is one of the country’s best recognized proponents of National Socialist and Radical Traditionalism. In addition to his two full length books, he has also contributed to Mimir: The Northern European Tradition(Numen Books, 2012) and Aritokratia (Numen Books: 2013), as well as being a regular contributor to the American Free Press newspaper, the Barnes Review magazine, and a variety of smaller publications and websites.

Former publisher of and National Socialist Magazine, White may be the most prosecuted man in America, having been the subject of seven federal prosecutions since 2008, all designed, in the words of one judge, to make him “shut up”. In 2008, White’s website and magazine were seized after he was falsely accused by former radio celebrity and “deep cover” federal informant Harold Turner of plotting to “assassinate” President Barack Obama “with a truck bomb”. After several attempts to prosecute him fell apart, White was eventually sentenced to 33 months in prison — still on appeal — for “aggravated cussing” at a federal juror involved in the prosecution of Matthew Hale and at a group of tenants involved in a phony racial shake down of their landlord. He fled the country in 2012, leaving behind the manuscript ofTradition of the Mother, and was arrested later that year in Mexico after a battle with Mexican police.

Now completing ten months imprisonment for violating a court ordered ban on international travel, part of a larger three year ban on his publishing within the United States, White has been researching and completing two upcoming works, the first Serpent’s Blood, focusing on the relationship between occultism, Judaism and the European nobility, and the second,Schools of Satan, focusing on Harvard and Yale University, their relationship to international Judaism, and their negative influence on American government and foreign policy.

SUPPRESSED SCIENCE: Radiation, Global Warming, Alzheimer’s, Grizzly Bears, Crop Circles and More PDF


Excerpt from Chapter 2

Mercury and Diseases of Young and Old


According to Dr. Haley, Chairman of the Chemistry Department of the University of Kentucky, some of whose publications can be found in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, mercury, and only mercury, causes all the abnormal biochemical reactions that kill neurons and cause Alzheimer’s disease (AD). He has found that laboratory cultures of neurons, when treated with mercury, form the tangles and deposits observed when the brains of people with AD are autopsied.

Since the FDA, the NIH and the Alzheimer’s Research Foundation generally refuse to support research on toxic metals as a cause of disease, much of the research, on which Dr. Haley based his research, was accomplished in other countries.

He claims that mercury fillings are a major source of our body burden of mercury. He finds that dental amalgam generates colorless mercury vapor at room temperature, which can be observed with the EPA’s mercury sniffer. Brushing the amalgam or immersing it in hot coffee substantially increases emission. He can kill neurons in culture with water in which amalgam has been soaked.

Dr. Robert J. Rowen’s “Second Opinion” letter of April 2005 notes that vaccines also contain thimerosol, a mercury compound, and that adults getting the flu vaccine annually for five years have a substantially increased risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease. He also reports that transdermal applications of a special mercury chelating agent called DMPS has been found effective in helping autistic children, who are also affected with mercury toxicity.





Foreword by Christopher Bollyn

Preface: What Is Bilderberg

Chapter 1: The Early Years
Chapter 2: Quebec, 1983
Chapter 3: Saltsjobaden, 1984
Chapter 4: White Plains, 1985
Chapter 5: Gleneagles, 1986
Chapter 6: Cer nobbio, 1987
Chapter 7: Innsbruck, 1988
Chapter 8: La Toja, 1989
Chapter 9: Glen Cove, 1990
Chapter 10: Baden-Baden, 1991
Chapter 11: Evian, 1992
Chapter 12: Vouliagmeni, 1993
Chapter 13: Helsinki, 1994
Chapter 14: Burgenstock, 1995
Chapter 15: King City, 1996
Chapter 16: Lake Lanier, 1997
Chapter 17: Turnberry, 1998
Chapter 18: Sintra, 1999
Chapter 19: Brussels, 2000
Chapter 20: Gothenburg, 2001
Chapter 21: Chantilly, 2002
Chapter 22: Versailles, 200
Chapter 23: Stresa, 2004
Chapter 24: Rottach-Egern, 2005

After word: Masters of the Universe by Willis A. Carto
Appendix 1: Attendee Lists
Appendix 2: The Bilderberg Blackout
Appendix 3: Bilderberg Strikes Back
Appendix 4: Bilderberg Meeting Sites



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