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REMEMBER the USS LIBERTY: Special 46th Anniversary Report PDF

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ON JUNE 8, 1967, THE AIR AND NAVAL FORCES OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL conducted a brutal three-hour attack on a barely armed U.S. intelligence vessel. Israeli jets strafed the ship; torpedo boats launched their deadly projectiles at the stricken ship. The life rafts were machine-gunned. “No survivors” was the order from Israeli military officials. When the attack was over, 34 American sailors and Marines were dead and 171 gravely wounded.

“Mistaken identity,” Israel cried, as the American public was kept completely in the dark about the incident. But the Liberty was easily identifiable that clear day. Some of the Israeli pilots, seeing that the ship was an American “ally” vessel, broke off their strafing runs. They were ordered to renew their deadly attacks. But Liberty would not go down. She limped home listing badly to one side.



Foreword by Christopher Bollyn

Preface: What Is Bilderberg

Chapter 1: The Early Years
Chapter 2: Quebec, 1983
Chapter 3: Saltsjobaden, 1984
Chapter 4: White Plains, 1985
Chapter 5: Gleneagles, 1986
Chapter 6: Cer nobbio, 1987
Chapter 7: Innsbruck, 1988
Chapter 8: La Toja, 1989
Chapter 9: Glen Cove, 1990
Chapter 10: Baden-Baden, 1991
Chapter 11: Evian, 1992
Chapter 12: Vouliagmeni, 1993
Chapter 13: Helsinki, 1994
Chapter 14: Burgenstock, 1995
Chapter 15: King City, 1996
Chapter 16: Lake Lanier, 1997
Chapter 17: Turnberry, 1998
Chapter 18: Sintra, 1999
Chapter 19: Brussels, 2000
Chapter 20: Gothenburg, 2001
Chapter 21: Chantilly, 2002
Chapter 22: Versailles, 200
Chapter 23: Stresa, 2004
Chapter 24: Rottach-Egern, 2005

After word: Masters of the Universe by Willis A. Carto
Appendix 1: Attendee Lists
Appendix 2: The Bilderberg Blackout
Appendix 3: Bilderberg Strikes Back
Appendix 4: Bilderberg Meeting Sites



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