SCREENING SANDY HOOK: Causes and Consequences

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Most parents would never consider dispensing deadly addictive street drugs to their children, but if a trusted physician writes a prescription for an FDA-approved schedule 2 “medication” for their two-year old based on some questionable mental health screening, those unwary parents do not question or object. Despite side effect warnings, regularly revealed during TV ads, parents frequently fail to take those warnings seriously, perhaps presuming that the side effects rarely occur.

Over the decades, organized psychiatry convened numerous consensus panels that designed hundreds of non-biologically based “disorders” for its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) especially suitable for the pill-for-every-ill pharmaceutical industry that conceivably already had many profitable solutions for the “disorders,” in the pre-production process.

The consequences have been disastrous with no discernable end in sight—some people taking prescription drugs or withdrawing from them have perpetrated school, mall and public shootings. That is in addition to thousands of suicides that the public never hears about, unless the victim is a well-known public figure. The military-related suicide rate alone is 8,000 per year—untold numbers of these are the result of the psychiatric drug cocktails doled out by Veterans Administration psychiatrists. The government is Big Pharma’s largest customer.

In addition to the homicides and suicides, irreversible brain damage results from drug remedies to temporary problems that might have been easily resolved through compassionate interaction and talk therapy. Despite the claim that drugs were not a factor in the Sandy Hook mass murders, certain circumstances provide a different picture.

Adam Lanza, always a unique individual, changed from being a “geeky, weird kid” to being a mass murderer, not of people his own age, but of beautiful, vulnerable children feeling secure in their classrooms in a sleepy bedroom community in Connecticut.

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Abbreviations Used in the Book

Part 1

Vaccines: the Primary Assault

Political Protocols and the Inoculation of Disease

Eliminating Health Care Competition

The Contaminated Polio Vaccine

National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act

Vaccine Assaults against the Military

Thimerosal, the Trojan Horse of the Psychopharmacological Industry

Mercury Madness, Autism, and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Babies Engaging in Risky Behavior

Simpsonwood, Opinions Trump Science

The Institute of Medicine, Damage Control

Part 2

The FDA, Protecting the Corporations

Pre-transformation of the FDA

Commercialization of Government-Funded Inventions

FDA Modernization Act of 1997

Drugs for Tots, Pediatric Psychopharmacology

The FDA, Corporate Criminality

The Sub-standard of Care

Part 3

The Psych Drugs, a Secondary Assault

Diagnosis by Consensus

Prozac, a Blockbuster of a Killer

Prozac on Trial, 1991

Chemical Lobotomies for Everyone

Governor George W. Bush, Connecticut’s Native Son

What’s Good for Texas Is Good for the Country

Planting Another Bush at the White House

Mental Health Screening, Conduit for Psych Drugs

Breaking the Taboo, Drugging the Military

Pill Profiteering, Checkbook Science, and Madison Avenue Medicine

Ask Your Doctor if Suicide is Right for You

Kiddie Cocaine for the Rambunctious Child

No Child Left Undrugged

At the Corner of Happy and Wealthy

Part 4

Predictable Violence and Its Aftermath

Adam Lanza, Collateral Damage of Big Pharma

Adam Lanza, a Ticking Time Bomb

Akathisia, Scraping on the Neurological Chalkboard

Lanza’s Descent into Mania

Obama’s Executive Orders, a Spy Network in the Making

Transformation of Mental Health in Connecticut

Connecticut Screening for Early-Onset Mental Health Disorders

Connecticut’s Psycho-Pharma Cover-Up

The Stacked Sandy Hook Advisory Commission

Adam Lanza’s Elusive Medical Records

Part 5

Operation Damage Control

Damage Control, Who Benefits

Media Monopoly, Licensed by the Government

Introducing Skepticism, Disseminating Doubt

CNN-CIA, Programming at its Finest, Accusations about Actors

Preponderance of Propaganda, Conspiracy by Consensus

Don’t Look Here, Reverse Psychology

Gun Regulations, a Distraction Psy-Op

Drilling it into our Heads

Distracting People with Deceptive Details, Hoaxology 101

Planting “Evidence” in All the Right Places

Consensus + Marketing = Belief, Theories Co-opt Evidence

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