On the Road to AMERICAN SOCIALISM: A Christian Perspective

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The new book On the Road to American Socialism: A Christian Perspective, by Al Hays, Ph.D., PE, reveals to us that socialism is the indisputable cause and the vehicle for our national problems of today. From a degraded, coarsened culture to freely allowing illegal immigration to the abysmally poor performance and results of our public schools, Hays shows these issues bear a relationship to the stated goals of socialism.

Most Americans know little of socialism, nor do they care. Yet all of the injustices and unlawful practices discussed in this book are shown to be the secret goal of socialists: To destroy our nation financially and culturally, as advocated by Italian socialist Antonio Gramsci, and to enslave us all with totalitarianism and pure socialism.

This author has discovered that socialism began with Karl Marx secretly as an expression of his intense hatred of Christ and His Gospel, which explains the fierce anti-Christian bias prevalent today in America and elsewhere that reigns in the media.

Ample evidence is provided in the pages of this book to prove from original source documents that socialism deliberately intends to do evil in the name of good. Specifically, it seeks to abolish, destroy or weaken these vital human institutions: private property, capitalism, freedom, individuality, nationality, the traditional family, religion, morality and eternal truths. Thus, Hays shows us that socialism is the animating vehicle for almost all human evil in its insane desire to control others—because socialists cannot control themselves.

Hays’s book is written from a Christian perspective for many reasons. First, it is because our nation did much better beginning with a strong Christian basis than we’ve done since then under secular humanism. The church provided a moral basis then, although imperfect, that served as a binding agent for our early culture and government that is totally absent today. Secondly, Christianity asks us to individually represent Christ in the real world. Today, the church has been slowly liberalized with its impact greatly diminished when it comes to government and culture. And it’s obvious that the media greatly assists in this unfortunate outcome.

As everyone knows, we face an overwhelming variety of national problems, such as our nearly infinite public debt, our Mideast wars that accomplish nothing of value to America, huge unemployment, rampant abortions, illegal immigration and deliberate media and government vilification of law-abiding Americans like tea party members and Christians.

Hays contends that Christians, pastors and churches must especially become educated in these matters and become active to restore this nation. Otherwise the Gospel of Christ will be greatly curtailed. So, he concludes, we must act now—or go down to slavery.

By Ronald F. Avery, AIA

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Any prediction of a pending economic or social crisis or disaster is often difficult for people to accept if enough evidence is not available to support it. In this case, the evidence is plentiful. History teaches that socialism always brings wars, chaos, hunger, poverty, extreme sacrifice, and social upheaval. But socialism is always sold as a fair answer to human problems.

Today, socialism is alive and well here in America, and has been for decades, though not always openly visible or recognizable.

On the Road to American Socialism was written to examine each of the destructive goals and intentions of socialism and how well it has accomplished those goals in America. Yes, even the Big Money-controlled “Federal” Reserve System is part of the socialist agenda! As hard as it is for some to imagine, the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve System has its origins in the so-called “central bank concept” that was highly preferred by Karl Marx as one means to accomplish the draconian goals of communism and socialism, to establish a monopoly over national credit. Not accountable to our government in any respect, the Federal Reserve System presents a unique conflict of interest for the bankers who control it. Printing money freely, they can increase our national debt at will. Further, they cause the economic ups and the downs for the most part, and they benefit both ways.

In summary, the Fed is an unsustainable concept and they knew it from the beginning; we need another financial system—with a fierce watch dog to keep it straight. Our biggest national problem (and that of other nations, too) is financial corruption—that can only be regulated by morality in people. This is one place where the church comes in.

Softcover, 377 pages.

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