It’s Not Easy Being God: George Soros

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It’s Not Easy Being God: The Real George Soros

In this collection of essays, Joy Tiz, author of Obamanutz: A Cult Leader Takes the White House, provides an unnerving analysis of the man who thinks he’s God—billionaire radical leftist and social engineer George Soros.

This collection of exposés unmasks George Soros for what he is: one of the most detrimental forces on the planet; a man who may have shaped our world more than any man in two millennia. What is his personal agenda? What is his vision of the New World Order? What was his relationship with Barack Obama? Where is he dumping his money? Who are his allies? Who are his enemies?

Softcover, 108 pages.

About the Author

Joy Tiz was born in Chicago, long enough ago to remember when many Democrats were actually normal people who were just wrong about everything. Joy holds a Master of Science in psychology and a JD in law. Tiz writes about politics and current events. Her book Obamanutz: A Cult Leader Takes the White House exposes the machinery that enabled Barack Obama to grab the highest office in the land. Joy Tiz, has been quoted by Ann Coulter and heard on Lou Dobbs radio, The Rusty Humphries Show, Bill Cunningham, KSFO in San Francisco, WOR in New York, Premiere Radio Networks, Air America and major news shows all across America.

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