The Bilderbergers: Puppet-Masters of Power?


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The Bilderbergers: Puppet-Masters of Power? An Investigation into Claims of Conspiracy at the Heart of Politics, Business, and the Media

Since 1954, a discrete and select group of wealthy and powerful individuals have attended a private, yearly conference to discuss matters of their choosing. This group represents European and North American elites, as well as new talent and rising stars, from the worlds of politics, business, media, academia, the military and even royalty, and has included household names such as Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, and Prince Philip. In recent years, their numbers have featured David Cameron, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, Bill Clinton, and David Rockefeller. They are “the Bilderbergers,” named for the hotel where their secret gatherings were first hosted. Investigative writer Gerhard Wisnewski explores the numerous claims of conspiracy that swirl around the group, revealing names of participants, their agendas, and their goals. The scene opens in the sun-kissed seaside resort of Vouliagmeni, Greece, where Wisnewski tries to observe and report on a Bilderberg conference. He soon attracts aggressive, unwanted attention from police and undercover security, and it is made abundantly clear he is not welcome. From this rude introduction, Wisnewski works backward to the founding of the Bilderbergers in 1954 by a shadowy Jesuit with secret service allegiances. Examining records and hidden reports, the author uncovers the true history of the organization, alliances among key individuals, and their common interests.

Softcover, 288 pages


Prologue: An Encounter-Greek Style 1

Introduction 4

Part 1

Tracking Down the Bilderbergers 7

The Dorint Sofitel beside Lake Tegemsee 9

Hotel De Bilderberg 14

All’s quiet at the Bilderberg summit 20

A non-contact office at Leiden 21

A book never -published 22

The conspiracy of silence 24

A top-level clique 28

Aristocracy and financial aristocracy 29

Globalization = Colonization 30

‘Look out for three sozzled Americans!’ – In the hornets’ nest of the

Bilderbergers 32

13.5.09: In the globalist paradise 33

14.5.09: The hunt for Rockefeller’s swimming trunks 36

15.5.09: No Plan B at the checkpoint 40

16.5.09: The transparent hornets’ nest of the Bilderbergers 48

17.5.09: Writing and thinking undesirable – a pleasant chat by the wayside 51

19.5.09: A fax from Leiden 53

The collective might of the Bilderbergers 56

Example: Deutsche Bank 57

Part 2

The Secret Background 61

A conspirator founds the Bilderbergers 63

The most important characteristics of a monk 64

The first globalists 67

The Pope’s fire-brigade 68

Behind a thousand masks 70

Life’s a game 73

In the morass of ‘conspiracy theories’ 74

The keyboard of cultures 76

Monita secreta – the secret instructions of the Jesuits 78

The path to world domination 88

Uniting the states of America 92

A Jesuit kingdom 94

Uniting the states of Europe 96

The confidential reports of the Bilderbergers 107

The ‘Atlantic Community’ 110

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization 113

The rest of the world 115

Part 3

A Global Mafia? 117

The grand old man 123

Excursus: The ‘Council on Foreign Invasions’ 125

The world’s greatest locust 127

The bustling professor 129

A strategist for Europe 130

The ‘godfather’ 131

The embarrassing prince 134

The oil princess 137

The ‘prince of darkness’ 139

Kosher Nostra 141

Rummy the Neocon 143

Wolfensohn, son of a wolf 144

The proprietors of Sweden 145

The gerontocrats 146

The Israel Lobby 148

Henry Kissinger 148

Paul Wolfowitz 150

Richard Perle 152

Part 4

A German Mafia? 155

The silence of the Bilderbergers 157

The rise of Guido W. 166

Chancellors by grace of Bilderberger 170

Roland Koch ante portas 173

‘One can’t not communicate’ 175

The case of Rühe and Scharping 182

Sorcerer and sorcerer’s apprentice 188

Mr Kopper’s protégé 193

Klaus Zumwinkel – another sorceror’s apprentice 196

The ‘Global Enterprise’ 200

Part 5

The Global Government 207

TC – The expansion of the Bilderbergers 210

A clandestine super-government? 210

Carter’s ‘trilateral’ administration 212

A minister changes sides 213

If not corruptible, then perhaps forgetful? 214

A global government or not? 216

A form of conspiracy 218

A form of government 220

Long live the crisis 224

Excursus: Barack and the Bilderbergers 225

Top Bilderberger Kissinger cheers Obama 229

‘Motive, means and opportunity’ – legal action against the Bilderbergers 230

The new political system 233

Power to the philanthropists 237

An attack on the structure of the globe 238

A regimen of crises 239

Away with the boundary 241

The masked crisis 243

The mightiest conspiracy on the planet 244

Acknowledgements 247

Appendix 248

Notes 263

Bibliography 267

Index 269

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