True Story of the Bilderberg Group




The True Story of the Bilderberg Group

Delving into a world once shrouded in complete mystery and impenetrable security, this investigative report provides a fascinating account of the annual meetings of the world’s most powerful people—the Bilderberg Group. Since its inception in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel in the small Dutch town of Oosterbeek, the Bilderberg Group has been comprised of European prime ministers, American presidents, and the wealthiest CEOs of the world, all coming together to discuss the economic and political future of humanity. The working press has never been allowed to attend, nor have statements ever been released on the attendees’ conclusions or discussions, which have ramifications on the citizens of the world. Using methods that resemble the spy tactics of the Cold War—and in several instances putting his own life on the line—the author did what no one else has managed to achieve: he learned what was being said behind the closed doors of the opulent hotels and has made it available to the public. This second edition includes an entirely new chapter and updated information on topics such as an earlier attempt to break up Canada and the portents of a North American union.

Softcover, 416 pages, large photo and insider document section, indexed.

Daniel Estulin is an award-winning investigative journalist and has been researching the Bilderberg Group for more than 14 years. He is the host of two radio shows in Spain.

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Foreword by Christopher Bollyn

Preface: What Is Bilderberg

Chapter 1: The Early Years
Chapter 2: Quebec, 1983
Chapter 3: Saltsjobaden, 1984
Chapter 4: White Plains, 1985
Chapter 5: Gleneagles, 1986
Chapter 6: Cer nobbio, 1987
Chapter 7: Innsbruck, 1988
Chapter 8: La Toja, 1989
Chapter 9: Glen Cove, 1990
Chapter 10: Baden-Baden, 1991
Chapter 11: Evian, 1992
Chapter 12: Vouliagmeni, 1993
Chapter 13: Helsinki, 1994
Chapter 14: Burgenstock, 1995
Chapter 15: King City, 1996
Chapter 16: Lake Lanier, 1997
Chapter 17: Turnberry, 1998
Chapter 18: Sintra, 1999
Chapter 19: Brussels, 2000
Chapter 20: Gothenburg, 2001
Chapter 21: Chantilly, 2002
Chapter 22: Versailles, 200
Chapter 23: Stresa, 2004
Chapter 24: Rottach-Egern, 2005

After word: Masters of the Universe by Willis A. Carto
Appendix 1: Attendee Lists
Appendix 2: The Bilderberg Blackout
Appendix 3: Bilderberg Strikes Back
Appendix 4: Bilderberg Meeting Sites


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