Will Vaccines Be the End of Us?

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With the march to force experimental vaccines on an increasingly unwilling and skeptical public, we may be living on the brink of an unthinkable human tragedy.

Like nearly all Americans, the author was taught in elementary school about the supposed miracle of vaccines, and for many years never questioned them. Then his life was overturned by their long-term effects, and he began a personal inquiry spanning thirty years. Drawing on the outstanding efforts of past researchers, he condenses the entire history of vaccination after telling his own story.

But this book is unique in presenting the “big picture” — in examining vaccination within the framework of all destructive behavior and erroneous beliefs that have mangled human history.

In doing so, it delves into taboo topics that many would find offensive. Those unfamiliar with controversial viewpoints and the underground literature movement in America should think twice about reading it.

Liston to AFP’s exclusive interview with author John Massaro by clicking here!

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