The War on Men: Why Society Hates Them and Why We Need Them

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By Owen Strachan. Men—and masculinity in general—are under attack. For society to succeed, we need strong men to lead us in all areas of life. The war on men is a war on civilization. Strong men are not “toxic.” If they go away, evil men take their place, and weak men offer no resistance. The idea that masculine men—assertive, risk-taking, single-minded—are a problem to be solved threatens our whole society. The cultural elites cheering the decline of men are trying to erase God’s design for half of the human race—the half that historically provides, protects, and leads for the good of others. The disappearance of the masculine ideal is bad news for men, and it’s terrible news for women. What will happen without men of courage and conviction? Who will do the hard jobs that no one else can do? Who will be left to face down evil, strengthen families, build churches, and bolster communities? The author addresses those questions in this compelling new book, an inspiring blend of cultural analysis, biblical teaching, and passionate exhortation. Cutting through the ideological fog, he explains what’s at stake. If men are told they’re not needed, they disappear, becoming lost men. They get frustrated and lash out, becoming angry men. They go alpha and chase their lusts, becoming exaggerated men. Or they lose their masculinity and embrace effeminacy, becoming soft men. And yet there is hope. These lost, angry, exaggerated, and soft men can be melded into a force for good in this world. Male or female, if you want to understand manhood better, if you are tired of feminized men, this book is for you. It’s for struggling sons, disillusioned friends, discouraged coworkers, confused college students, disheartened grandfathers, concerned mothers, and everyone in between. Soft men make for hard times, but hard times produce strong men. Hardback, 256 pages.