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Follow the money trail from Soros foundation bank accounts to American Zionist lobbies to the color revolutions and illegal immigration operations . . .


In his newest book, Scott Howard exposes the bad actors financing the push for globalization and dissolution of national borders. Howard, in his own words, commits the “thoroughly postmodern crime of telling the truth using the words of the actors committing the acts themselves as evidence.”

Just as well-sourced and meticulously researched as Howard’s previous works, The Open Society Playbook follows the money through Soros and the American Zionist lobby, connecting the dots between color revolutions and immigration non-governmental organizations (NGOs) all over the world. Howard’s latest masterpiece is a must-read for anyone who wants to take a deep dive into who is behind globalism. Some names will be all too familiar to the reader while others may be shocking. Still more strands of this vast web will involve powerful organizations and groups that most have never even heard of despite the vital role they play in “transforming” the world at the expense of advanced White nations.

The Open Society Playbook is sure to be an invaluable tool in uncovering the origins of the worldwide push for open borders and a globalized economy. Softcover, 340 pages.