Let Trump Be Trump: The Inside Story of His Presidency

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Let Trump Be Trump: The Inside Story of His Rise to the Presidency by Corey R. Lewandowski, David N. Bossie

Let Trump Be Trump: The Inside Story of His Presidency is the ultimate behind-the-scenes account of how he became president of the United States. Donald Trump was a candidate—and now a president—like none that have come before. His startling rise to the White House is the most shocking political tale in the history of our republic. Much has been written about this event, but all of those words come from authors outside the orbit of Donald Trump.

Written by the guys in the room—two of Trump’s closest campaign advisors—Let Trump Be Trump is the eyewitness account of the stories behind the headlines. From the Access Hollywood recording and the Clinton accusers, to one-time campaign manager Paul Manafort, to the last-moment comeback and a victory that reads like something out of a fiction novel, Let Trump Be Trump pulls back the curtain on a drama that has mesmerized the whole world—including the palace intrigues of the Mooch, SeanSpicer, Lance Preibus, Steve Bannon, and more.

By turns hilarious and intimate, Let Trump Be Trump also offers a view of Donald Trump like you’ve never seen him, the man whose success in business was built not only on great skill but on loyal relationships and who developed the strongest of bonds with the band of outsiders and idealists who became his team because they believed in him and his message.

Written by Trump’s campaign manager, the fiery Corey Lewandowski, and Dave Bossie—the plaintiff in the famous Citizens United Supreme Court case—who helped steer the last critical months of the campaign, this riveting book gives us an inside look at the Trump campaign and the presidency, so far. Hardback, 296 pages.

Editorial Reviews

“Bossie and Lewandowski pull back the curtain on the 2016 campaign-a wild, fun, and historic ride.”—Laura Ingraham

“These guys were in the room for the wildest presidential campaign in recent history. The stories are all here. Very entertaining and informative.”—Mark Levin

“Hillary, do you want to know what really happened? Read this book! Corey Lewandowski and Dave Bossie take you deep inside the phenomenal Trump campaign. Let Trump Be Trump is written with true insight and understanding of America’s greatest presidential candidate, and once you begin this story, I promise you will not put it down until you finish.”—Sean Hannity

“Key leaders of the growing conservative movement, Corey Lewandowski and Dave Bossie helped make Trump president and tell Trump’s winning story like no one else has-from the inside.”—Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the House

“… refreshingly punchy”—Newsweek

“… paints a portrait of Mr. Trump that shows him as he is.”—The New York Times

“… a cunning volume”—Frank Bruni, The New York Times

“… classic inside dish”—Politico

“(Lewandowski and Bossie) reveal juicy tidbits”—New York Daily News

“… chutzpah on an epic scale”—The Economist

“It’s as close as we’re likely to get to a “What Happened” from the winning side…written by the people who were in the room at the time and not filtered through leaks and second-hand anecdotes. That sets it apart from other books on 2016.”—Townhall

“…a political book can’t get much better than this.”—American Spectator

“…the first book to have been published by Trump campaign insiders…gossipy tidbits, of which there are many.”—New Republic

“…revealing passages of what it’s like to work for Mr. Trump.”—CBS News

“Far from being dismayed by Trump’s rough edges, Lewandowski and Bossie celebrate them.”—Times of London

From the Publisher

About the Authors

Corey R. Lewandowski currently serves as President and CEO of Lewandowski Strategic Advisors, LLC, a government, public affairs, and crisis communications consulting company as well as a TV political commentator. He provides on-air analysis on political news of the day via his in-depth understanding of the political process. He is a contributor to The Hill newspaper and serves as a visiting fellow at Harvard University. Find him on Twitter @CLewandowski.

David N. Bossie has served as president of Citizens United since 2001. Beginning in August 2016, Bossie served as Deputy Campaign Manager for Donald J. Trump for President. He was then named Deputy Executive Director for the Trump Presidential Transition Team. He is currently a Fox News contributor. Bossie previously served as Chief Investigator for Committee on Government Reform and Oversight in Congress leading the Clinton Investigation. Find him on Twitter @David_Bossie.

Table of Contents

1 Election Night 1
2 House Money 17
3 New Hampshire 27
4 You’re Hired 43
5 The Island of the Misfit Toys 55
6 The Golden Escalator 73
7 Up in the Air 87
8 The Delegate Hunter 113
9 Thurston Howell III 135
10 The Ground Game 153
11 Digital Madness 167
12 The High Road 181
13 The Hurricane 195
14 The Race to the Bottom 209
15 Fake News 227
The Transition 243
In The Oval 253
Acknowledgments 266
Index 269
About the Authors 278

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