Gulag USA: Concentration Camps in America

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The Holy Bible of course, prophesies of unparalleled bloodshed and human suffering. In Revelation we are told that vast numbers of innocent human beings will be sacrificed to the Beast and to his Antichrist. The killers who would perpetrate these new holocausts are active today inside our borders. See Rep. Jack Brooks angering Lt. Col. Oliver North and cronies by exposing the existence of a top secret FEMA plan, Rex 84 and the forcible incarceration of Japanese-Americans by socialist President Franklin D. Roosevelt in “internment camps.” See also inside the Soviet Union’s 2,000-plus slave labor camps in the USSR, where millions perished. The hidden U.S. history of concentration camp programs and government-sanctioned mass murder and genocide, including the Phoenix Program in Vietnam, are discussed. These horrendous crimes were approved and supervised at the highest levels of the U.S. government. Also hear the inside story of Pastor Jim Jones, his socialist Peoples Temple, and the CIA’s massacre of over 900 in Guyana. Dozens of former U.S. military installations in over 28 states converted to federal prisons and to “internment camps”— waiting for innocent citizens who resist their NWO. DVD, 82 minutes