Game Plan: How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Cyber-Economic Attack

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Game Plan is the first how to investment handbook of its type. It will explain the emerging risks and provide a complete game plan of response for investors at all levels. Freeman will explain that there is no one size fits all solution as events are happening quickly and the challenges can morph suddenly. Just as a football team must plan for a variety of offensive strategies and attacks, investors must be prepared to strategically adjust. This book provides the game plan to respond and succeed.


In Game Plan you’ll learn…

  • The proper use of gold in your investment strategy
  • How stocks should be deployed in your investment portfolio
  • The smart way to diversify your portfolio
  • How to decrease your bond holding vulnerability
  • How to judge a guarantor in guaranteed investments
  • How to avoid falling into the marketing hype for Hedge Fund scams
  • How to find a properly trained investment advisor
  • How to advance wealth at the individual level
  • How to win the global economic war

Table of Contents:

Introduction — Chapter 1. A World of Risk — Chapter 2. This Time Is Different — Chapter 3. Making It Personal — Chapter 4. What to Do When Crisis Strikes — Chapter 5. The Gold Rush — Chapter 6. What about Stocks? — Chapter 7. What’s a Bond Bubble? — Chapter 8. Beyond the Dollar: Why Money in the Mattress Is a Bad Idea — Chapter 9. Guaranteed Investments — Chapter 10. Hedge Funds and Other Out-of-the-Box Investments — Chapter 11. A Sane Strategy for an Insane World — Chapter 12. There Is Hope — Appendix: Preparing Your Family — Acknowledgments — Notes — Index.

Review Quotes:

“America’s political and military leaders may be ignoring our economy’s vulnerability to foreign attack, but our enemies aren’t. The information in Game Plan is essential for protecting your family from the devastation that economic warfare would bring. Being the messenger for this kind of warning may not be much fun, but I can’t think of anyone better than Kevin Freeman to ring the bell.”
–GLENN BECK, #1 bestselling author of MIRACLES AND MASSACRES”As Kevin Freeman points out, America is facing a global economic war which has direct threats for your family, your job, and your life savings. Yet, despite his five-year effort to warn Washington, willful blindness appears to be at work, preventing our leadership from protecting you. Reading Game Plan will provide the hidden truth about the economic threats targeting you and provide you the actionable steps you should take to protect your family.”
–LT. GEN. WILLIAM G. “JERRY” BOYKIN (U.S.A. RET.), former commander of Special Forces Command and the Green Berets and former deputy under secretary of defense for intelligence”No one has done more to warn our government about the threat of financial terrorism than Kevin Freeman. His new book Game Plan provides a clear strategy for Americans to follow in order to protect themselves against an inevitable attack. If Washington continues its dysfunction, it will become even more essential for average citizens to know how to defend their finances.”
–CONGRESSMAN STEVE STOCKMAN (R-Tex.)”Kevin Freeman understands the threat of financial terrorism as well as anyone. You’d have to be negligent to ignore his timely advice about protecting your family from the economic attacks that are clearly on the horizon.”
–FRANK KEATING, President and CEO, American Bankers Association, former governor of Oklahoma”Kevin Freeman is a national treasure. His ability to synthesize economic and national security is unsurpassed — and of incalculable importance in the conflict of our time: the War for the Free World.”
–FRANK GAFFNEY, President and Founder, Center for Security Policy

“The threat of financial terrorism is very real, and nobody knows that threat more thoroughly than Kevin Freeman. In this book, he’ll tell you how to deal with the possibility of financial collapse, and give you hope for the future, too.”
–BEN SHAPIRO, New York Times bestselling author of “Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America”

“Game Plan is an important look at one of the most significant threats to U.S. security: Cyber attacks and other efforts designed to cripple the economy. Must reading for those interested in protecting national security.”
–BILL GERTZ, senior editor of The Washington Free Beacon and national security columnist at The Washington Times

“This work is a new National Security Primer. If our elected leaders, national security, intelligence and military officials ignore his well-researched analysis, 9-11 could look like child’s play. Moreover, our technology and industry leaders (those who by virtue of daily global challenges understand his remarkable vector) will hopefully start lively chatter in their communities about the nature of this potential immense and perhaps imminent calamity. Serious scholars will hopefully take the critical decision to ask “Why have we missed this series of interlocking threats?” Academia owes the nation a rigorous review of this work. It simply cannot be ignored. Markets matter. Our nation matters. This book matters.”
–HON. THOMAS W. O’CONNELL, Former Assistant Secretary of Defense, Special Operations 2003-7

Hardcover, 300 pages

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