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This booklet outlines briefly the economic analysis and constructive proposals known as Social Credit. These are basically the work of Major Clifford Hugh Douglas, a Scottish engineer of broad practical experience in science, business, and economics.

The proposals of Social Credit are designed to revive business, to preserve private property and the profit system, to reduce debt, to lower taxes, and to provide economic security for every American citizen.

These aims would be accomplished by the issuance of purchasing power directly to consumers in the form of credit. Three definite practical steps are required:

1. The establishment in the United States Treasury of a National Credit Account in which the nation is credited with the production of real wealth and debited with its consumption.

2. The sale of all consumers’ goods at the Just Price, by means of a Retail Discount determined by the true cost of production.

3. The issuance of monthly Dividends to every American citizen.

Softcover, 111 pages

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