The Total State: How Liberal Democracies Become Tyrannies

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By Auron MacIntyre

The Total State pulls back the veil on the new American authoritarianism and why the same system of liberal democracy we say we cherish may have led us to our present state

The modern United States is a nation full of censorship, lockdowns, riots, and political persecution. How did the land of the free become a surveillance state terrified of COVID and ruled by unaccountable bureaucrats? As a journalist, Auron MacIntyre witnessed firsthand the manipulation of news events, the bias of the press, and the relentless assault on truth during the Donald Trump presidency. Yet, it wasn’t until the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 that his worldview was irrevocably shaken. The emergency measures and unchecked power wielded by authorities revealed a dark underbelly that defied the constitutional safeguards he had always believed in.
The Total State delves into the core of MacIntyre’s ideological crisis, exploring the erosion of individual liberties in the name of public health and the new brand of American authoritarianism that revealed itself under a state of emergency.
Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of thinkers outside the mainstream, MacIntyre questions the narrative that has been ingrained in our political discourse. What if democracy doesn’t limit government but instead helps it to expand? What if the Constitution failed to restrain power as intended?
The Total State doesn’t offer easy answers, but it poses essential questions about the trajectory of our nation. MacIntyre meticulously examines the forces that have shaped our current reality, urging readers to confront uncomfortable truths about the state of our democracy and individual freedom. This thought-provoking exploration is a call to action, encouraging readers to understand the roots of our present predicament and contemplate the challenging path forward. Hardback, 208 pages.


Praise for The Total State

The Total State is a detailed analysis of modern political power that is still accessible to the average guy.”—Jesse Kelly, host of “I’m Right” and author of The Anti-Communist Manifesto

The Total State is a brutally honest dissection of how the middling minions of the ruling class seized enough power to slowly strangle our republic. MacIntyre cuts through the propaganda and exposes how this tyrannical system really works.”–Buck Sexton, co-host of The Clay Travis and the Buck Sexton Show

“Auron MacIntyre belongs to a younger set of serious, intellectually independent thinkers on the right, who are destined to have a profound impact on American political culture.”—Paul Gottfried, Editor-in-Chief of Chronicles and author of After Liberalism: Mass Democracy in the Managerial State

“Bold, lucid, and chilling, The Total State takes a flamethrower to every comforting belief conservatives hold about how our political order really works.”—Mary Harrington, author of Feminism Against Progress

The Total State is a tour de force! MacIntyre exposes the lies of liberalism and socialism alike, and allows us to see how the pseudo-religious myths of individual liberty and collectivism have blinded us to the tyranny which misrules us…Essential reading.”— C.C. Pecknold, Professor at The Catholic University of America

“I can’t give Auron a greater compliment than he’s the cultural commentator that has emerged these last few years. May his house increase, and may yours as well by reading this book and seriously considering what he has to say.—Steve Deace, BlazeTV host and author of Rise of the Fourth Reich


“Alex is right about far more than he is wrong about…. He’s the most misunderstood guy on the planet.”

“Alex Jones may be the most maligned patriot in the country, but virtually every threat to our liberty that he has predicted has come to pass.”

“[Alex Jones’] reputation is amazing.”

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