In Their Own Words

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The Democratic Party’s Push for a Communist America

The alliance involving Russia, China, Cuba, and Iran is responsible for the resurrection of the ideology of communism across the globe. Under the guise of democratic socialism, an aggressive campaign is underway inside the United States, to incrementally move America in the same direction. The passionate advocates of democratic socialism include some of the key leaders of the Democratic Party.

The underlayment of the ideology of communism is international solidarity. America is not immune from its reach. Democratic leaders view the Resistance movement of the 1970’s as one of America’s revolutions. They view the Resistance movement of today as its political equivalent. The Weather Underground and Black Panther Party recognized that the overthrow of America’s Constitutional Republic would result in a temporary period of socialism-followed by communism. Communism went dormant after the collapse of the former Soviet Union. But years of rule by Vladimir Putin and his worldwide mischief-making, have brought it back to life. Venezuela’s rule by so-called socialist Hugo Chavez was bolstered by international solidarity with sympathetic Americans and elected officials who viewed him as another in a long line of benevolent revolutionaries, in the image of Fidel Castro of Cuba. The Venezuelan experiment in democratic socialism was the talk of the liberal elite in America-until it wasn’t.

The consolidation of power by China’s Xi Jinping, China’s positions on Taiwan, its aggressive stance on continued economic freedom in Hong Kong, and a resurgence of China’s relationship with Cuba and South America are intended to further its global ambitions.The development of relationships with the ayatollahs who rule Iran proves the importance of international solidarity in furthering the ideology of communism. Russia, China, Cuba, and Iran are the modern version of President Ronald Reagan’s “axis of evil,” from the 1980s. They are looking to establish a home base inside the United States. Communism, Marxism, globalism, have resurrected and reinvented themselves in the pursuit of absolute power. Just like the 1980s, America is the primary target.

The spreading of the deceptive message of democratic socialism to a generation that never faced communism and doesn’t understand its insidious nature goes unabated.

This book connects the past to the present. It offers a plan to protect America’s future. The information in it is from real people who stood on the front lines of the Cold War. They were real actors in the 1980s “decade of the spy,” and understand the inner workings of Russian, Chinese, Cuban and Iranian espionage in America.

This book presents the evidence showing the penetration of the Democratic Party by political revolutionaries promoting democratic socialism, as a cover for the ideology of communism. The proof lies in their own words.

Softcover, 390 pages


“In Their Own Words answers an important question on the minds of many Americans: What is happening inside America’s Democratic Party today? During the 1980s, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, prominent Democrat leaders like Bernie Sanders and Bill De Blasio were ardent supporters of Marxist Daniel Ortega and his Nicaraguan revolution. Ortega was allegedly “the man of the people,” intent on forming a socialist government of equality in the Central American country. Today Ortega crushes dissent from the people he “liberated,” joining Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela as just another “elected” dictator who has destroyed his country through the implementation of socialism. But who from the media is questioning the horrendous judgment of Sanders and De Blasio back then, as they actually push the same policies for America and other Democrats now? In Their Own Words shines the light on the insidious nature of socialism as the transformative step toward a “communist utopia.” The problem is that the “utopia” part never happens. This book explains why.”—R. Jean Gray, special agent in charge Soviet Counterintelligence, FBI, New York, retired

In Their Own Words is a chilling account of how our society is swerving far left into a socialist form of government, where liberty and due process give way to socialist agendas. Corrupting the Department of Justice and the FBI is a step in the process. The authors have done a masterful job of plotting this dangerous course. We stand in the abyss.”—Danny O. Coulson, deputy assistant director, FBI, retired

In Their Own Words does a superb case of link- ing the violent communist/socialist philosophy that people like Bernie Sanders and others are giving legitimacy. I was a bombing coordinator in the FBI’s Washington, D.C. Field Office when the Weather Underground was tied to the U.S. Capitol bombing. Many Americans compartmentalize these past and present violent acts as singular events—not thinking they are part of a long term strategy driven by a philosophical belief that is evangelized by some Democratic Party politicians and media pushing communism/ socialism forward with no end in sight. In Their Own Words shows these violent events are part of a larger movement stemming from the revolutionary violence of the 1960s and 1970s. I saw these same people racing down Pennsylvania Avenue back then, bent on destruction of government buildings. The only thing that stopped them was a line of D.C. policemen who exhibited remarkable bravery and restraint—the same policemen who some politicians and media personalities now hold up as targets of hate, derision, and racism. It wasn’t true then—and it’s not true now.”—Donald E. Stukey, head of the Soviet Counterintelligence Section, FBI Senior Executive Service, retired

“Terry Turchie had a tremendously impactful career as an FBI agent dedicated to combatting hostile intelligence and terrorist operations against the United States. He is easily within the top 1% of agents most respected by his peers. His continuing passion for the well-being and security of our nation is evident in his latest book, In Their Own Words.” —Kevin R. Brock, former assistant director for intelligence, FBI, and principal deputy director, National Counterterrorism Center, retired

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