The RULING ELITE: The Zionist Seizure of World Power

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Author and radio show host Deanna Spingola’s The Ruling Elite: A Study in Imperialism, Genocide, and Emancipation was wildly popular with AFP readers and detailed the role of Masonry and the Illuminati in early America. Volume two of The Ruling Elite series, subtitled Zionist Seizure of World Power, is sure to be equally well-received.

The book explains how the U.S. government, complicit with the well-connected corporations since the Civil War, continues to wage war and mete out global destruction. Lincoln’s revolutionary war, supported by Marx and Engels, caused at least 618,222 and perhaps as many as 700,000 deaths. Soldiers who were fighting, dying and killing during that war were in training for future wars. If Americans could kill fellow citizens, then they would certainly use force against foreign citizens on behalf of the U.S. government. That war foreshadowed the devastating global warfare that followed with the Spanish American War, two world wars, Korea, Vietnam, the First Gulf War and the current wars in the Middle East. More than 83 million human beings died from World War I and World War II alone.Who benefited? Did so many people have to die? Find out the real forces behind these wars and who profits from mass slaughter.

Softcover, 780 pages

Table of Contents



The Non-Semitic Khazars

British Zionism, the Genesis of the Movement

Organizing Circumstances Behind the Scenes

The Early Zionists

Turkey, an Economic Vassal State

Seeking Government Sponsorship

Target Palestine, a Jewish Homeland

Manipulating Jewish Colonization, a History

Social Engineering—Militarization, Socialization, and


The Corporatization of Christianity, Worshipping Another God

Monopolizing Minds, the Government’s Education System

Indoctrinating the Teachers, Shaping Children’s Minds

Immigration, Facilitating Political Objectives

Indiscriminant Immigration, Creating Crime and Chaos

Multiculturalism, United States Immigration Policy

Nationalism, a Nation’s “Right to Exist”

From Emancipation to Eugenics

Communist Base in America

Imperialism and Warfare

The Sugar Trust

Political Puppets for Corporate Interests

Annexing Hawaii for Its Own Good

Early Expansionism in the Caribbean

Cuba, Imperialism in the Neighborhood

Santo Domingo, a Third-World County

The Panama Canal, Essential for National Defense?

Liberating the Philippines, 1898

The Filipinos Fight Back

US Pacification and Concentration in the Philippines

The Philippines, the Evolution of a Third World Country

Capitalism and Corporatism

The Secretive Pilgrims Society

Imperialism Abroad, Debt Enslavement at Home

Monopolies and Trusts—the Standard Oil Trust

The American Medical Monopoly

Institutionalizing Cancer for Continuous Profit

Managing Competition and Other Petty Annoyances

The Banking Trust and Congress

The Aldrich Plan, Corporate Currency

The Federal Reserve, the Money Trust

Localized Warfare and Asset Exploitation

High on Drug Profits

Iranian Oil Exploitation, a Precursor to Further Warfare

Standard’s Procedures

African Resources and the Boer Wars

Dam Hoover

Japan, the Banker’s Mercenary in Asia

Dividing the Spoils, Japan’s War against Czarist Russia

Preparing for Revolution, World War One

Germany, Historical Perspectives

Berlin to Baghdad, the Railway Concession

German Ingenuity, a Threat to British Hegemony

Marxism, Terrorism and Assassinations

1905 Revolution, Funded by International Bankers

Woodrow Wilson, a Zionist Puppet

Assassination in Sarajevo

The Lusitania Incident, Live Bait

The Revolution, World War One 

Media and Wartime Propaganda, Fomenting Hatred

Belgian Relief, a Platform for War, Profits and Position

Ethnic Dissension and Polarization

The Revolutionary Young Turks

Enver Leads Turkey into the War

Sykes-Picot Agreement

Britain’s Middle East Objectives

Alexander Parvus and his German Accomplices

The Armenian Genocide, Relocation and Extermination

The New Republic of Turkey

The Military Tribunals, the Terrible Turks

Confronting Denial

Making Money the Old Fashioned Way, War Profiteering

The Bankers of World War I

Communism, a Banker’s Perfect Political System

The Bolshevik Revolution, 1917

Marxist Subversion throughout Europe

Marxist Infiltration in Germany

Balfour: Germany is Expendable

Groundwork for the Holocaust Hoax

Preparing for another Revolution, World War Two 

Concealing the History of World War I

The Brest-Litovsk Treaty

The Balfour Deportation Declaration

The Parliament of Man, the League of Nations

The Paris Peace Conference, the Delegate’s Demands

The Versailles Treaty, Economic Warfare against Germany

German Reparations and Recovery

Zionism and the American War Congress

The King and Crane Commission

Opposition to Jewish Settlement

The Tanaka Memorial, a Plan for Aggression

Communist Infiltration in China

The Crash of 1929 and Continuing Economic Warfare


About the Author

Deanna Spingola (born February 17, 1944) is an American author, historian and radio host, prominent in the alternative media. Spingola has released three books specialising in the ruling elites of Western society, particularly during the 20th century and the seizure of world power by Zionists. Spingola hosts a regular radio show on BlogTalkRadio (presently aired on a weekly basis) called Spingola & Friends, she previously hosted Spingola Speaks on the Republic Broadcasting Network from 2012-2014, and The Spingola Zone on the American Free Press Network from 2013-2014. Her website also features a chatroom, a collection of articles she has authored since 2005, and even a guide to genealogy.

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