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The RULING ELITE: Death, Destruction, and Domination

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Providing a general overview of the accurate history of World War II—which was essentially a continuation of World War I with the same saber-rattling participants—The Ruling Elite: Death, Destruction, and Domination, describes the circumstances leading up to World War II. Author Deanna Spingola discusses how the diaspora-distributed international bankers living and prospering in Britain, France, and America influenced greedy, compromised, and complicit politicians in those nations.

The Ruling Elite explains that through deceptive propaganda, those politicians persuaded naïve citizens to wage war against Germany, a peace-loving nation whose leaders were uncooperative with the bankers, which led to World War I. Following that war, German officials rejected the bankers and their money-lending scheme to save their nation and its citizens from the burden of debt. The aftermath of World War II—a deadly war that killed millions and imposed communism in numerous countries—impacted every banker-occupied country in various ways: culturally, morally, politically, and economically.

Researched through historical documents and scholarly works, The Ruling Elite describes how warmongers regularly project their criminal activities onto others, frequently blaming the victim, whether an individual or a nation. Spingola offers an unbiased look at World War II beginning with Hitler and the rebirth of Germany through the aftermath of the war.

Softcover, 794 pages

Table of Contents

Hitler and the Rebirth of Germany
The Advent of Adolf Hitler
Hitler’s Assumption of Power
The Worldwide Masonic Brotherhood
The Official History of Adolf Hitler
The Dictator, Adolf Hitler
“We Are Going to Lick that Fellow Hitler”
Prewar Maneuvers
Birobidjan, a Jewish Sanctuary
The Ha’avara Agreement
FDR, a Red in the White House
The Genesis of Factory Farming
Reporting the “News” from Europe
World War II in Europe
Ukraine: Assault against the Middle Class
Economic Assault against Germany, 1933
Apprehending Dangerous Aliens
Kristallnacht, a False Flag
Dangling the Czechoslovakian Carrot
Winston Churchill, the Warmonger
Immigration, Not Extermination
Stage-Managing Perceptions to Create Victimization
The Deceptions behind the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
Establishing Guilt: The Gleiwitz Incident
The Resumption of World Revolution
The Creation of Poland
The Germans Shoot Back
The Peace Mission of Rudolf Hess
The Duke of Kent, Royal Peacemaker
Churchill and Roosevelt, Longtime Cohorts
Lend-Lease: Warfare Welfare
Operation Barbarossa
Stalin’s Forced Labor Camps
Soviet Scorched-Earth Warfare: Facts and Consequences
Germany’s Elite Traitors
Marketing Mass Murder
Jewish Claims of Genocide
Manipulating the Numbers for Maximum Exploitation
Bomber Command: Victory through Air Power
Warfare by Firestorm, Germany
Famine and Genocide
Post-World War II
Women: Prize Plunder for the Allies
The Holocaust: Central to the New World Order,
The Morgenthau Extermination Plan
Publicizing the German Camps
Eisenhower, Baruch’s Man in Europe
General Patton, a Credible Witness
Raphael Lemkin and the Etymology of “Genocide”
Preparing for Nuremberg
Nuremberg, the Victors’ Vengeance
Obedience, a Psychological Mechanism
Slave Laborers Working for the Allies
The London Cage and the Germans
Torturing the Germans for Revenge
One Man Fighting, Two Men Looting, Three Men Painting Rainbows
The Allies’ Ethnic Cleansing in Europe

About the Author

Deanna Spingola (born February 17, 1944) is an American author, historian and radio host, prominent in the alternative media. Spingola has released three books specialising in the ruling elites of Western society, particularly during the 20th century and the seizure of world power by Zionists. Spingola hosts a regular radio show on BlogTalkRadio (presently aired on a weekly basis) called Spingola & Friends, she previously hosted Spingola Speaks on the Republic Broadcasting Network from 2012-2014 and The Spingola Zone on the American Free Press Network from 2013-2014. Her website also features a chatroom, a collection of articles she has authored since 2005 and even a guide to genealogy.

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