The PLEASURE PRESCRIPTION: To Love, to Work, to Play—Life in the Balance

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Current wisdom dictates that anything that tastes, smells, or feels good can’t be good for us. But pleasure is the way to health, not a temptation away from it. In The Pleasure Prescription, Pearsall gives the antidote for “delight dyslexia,” his name for misreading of intensity for joy, accomplishment for worth, busyness for connection, and excitement for love.

After the author appeared on TV, The Pleasure Prescription rocketed to the top of the bestseller lists. Its message of finding and giving pleasure by reducing stress and cultivating harmony appealed to readers everywhere. Pearsall explains why: Balanced pleasure is the natural way to physical and mental health, and the best remedy for the toxic success syndrome that is squeezing the joy out of Western culture.

Softcover, 288 pages


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