Courage Under Fire: Under Siege and Outnumbered 58 to 1 on Jan. 6

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Not every AFP reader agrees that Jan. 6 was a harmless protest. For those readers looking for a different account of the Jan. 6 protest/riot at the Capitol, here is a new book written by the top cop that day that paints the events from the point of view of the police left to deal with 1,000 protesters and how these cops felt betrayed by U.S. intelligence agencies who knew exactly what could happen as they had informants embedded in the major groups participating. Two years after the events of Jan. 6, 2021, so many questions still remain unanswered: What did the intelligence community know about the plans of protesters before the attack? Why was the request for the National Guard continually denied and delayed? Why was the nation’s capital so vulnerable? Forced to take the fall and resign, this is Chief Steven Sund’s chance to answer those questions and to tell his version of what he says happened on Jan. 6. He says there has been no accountability for the individuals who bear the most responsibility for the failures that left the Capitol Police unprepared and discusses the shocking failures in intelligence to the stonewalling Sund received from the Pentagon when he repeatedly called for the Guard’s help. Courage Under Fire draws upon audio recordings, key documents, and government records as it traces Sund’s extraordinary journey from his command post on Jan. 6 to his explosive behind-closed-doors testimony before the Jan. 6 Committee. Hardback, 396 pages.