The Hidden History Of Gold Bonus 3392-181 – How This Censored Secret Can Save the World And Cripple the Bankers (PDF)

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They Have Killed to Keep This Secret from You! U.S. Taxpayers Are Owed Trillions of Dollars by the Global Banking Cartel!

This unique book—The Hidden History of Gold Bonus 3392-181—is deadly for your very top enemies, and it’ll save your life, your nation and the world from the global nuclear war. Study it well and ACT honestly as advised. It is a fraction of the most attacked and banned information ever, and the huge GOLD program in it was forbidden by the evil top Elite to be operated in the USA!

It is unknown to you and it provides the Only Solution to your horrible problems because by taking the money away from your controllers (the Fed and Co.) their power will vanish. In fact, they have a colossal debt towards you citizens (not your government) that is much greater than all their assets worldwide, and it is payable only in GOLD (which is real value), and not in useless paper money. The mainstream media has brainwashed you and you are confused and enslaved. Also unknown to you is the fact that there are two cosmic events we are into plus planetarian changes, and since the evil Elite can’t rule the world as they had planned, they want to blow it up, killing 90% of mankind.

You Americans haven’t got shelters, and hence you are in a deadly trap. Use Bonus 3392-181; become united by the millions (as your enemies are); stop your silly quarrels to be solved later on, and neutralize the Elite who are a fraction of you. Tell the really good authors and patriots to join together their honest supporters. It is your life-or-death freewill choice. You can do it, but hurry. Spread the word. Order extra copies of this book to pass on to friends and family.

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