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Come on. Let’s get real.

If you believe what many historians are publishing today is real history, you don’t understand the business. Way too many academics get their salaries for writing history the way their employers want it to end, not how it actually happened. And those who know better are most times too scared to write the truth for fear of professional retribution. There are all kinds of ways to punish professors who come up with the “wrong” conclusions. So where can you go for real history—facts—devoid of the deadly poison of political correctness?


The Barnes Review (TBR) magazine is unlike any history magazine you have read before. Covering history from the dawn of time to the modern era, TBR is a lone voice for truth and honesty in a world of politically correct history journals. Once you read TBR for the first time, you’ll understand why there is such a desperate need to reexamine and revise ALL historical events in light of new information. This goes from DNA studies of Neanderthals to recently found diary entries from WWII to once-secret government documents now declassified for the use of historians.

And that’s what we do here at TBR and why we have honest scholars from across the globe eager to have their works published in the pages of TBR. Though they are experts in their respective fields, their factual conclusions aren’t exactly the ones the powers-that-be prefer to publish. But we do.

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A Personal Note From The Publisher

Since our first issue in 1994, we have had two criteria in our selection of articles for TBR:

Is it true and is it interesting?

We must have done it right because our readers love us.

I would not have started TBR if every other historical magazine didn’t often suppress the truth when it’s too sensitive, and even sometimes print outright lies.

Such a perversion of “freedom of the press” is now called “political correctness”—a virulent media infection that is killing freedom in America.

It’s also called lying. Lying by omission, lying by telling a half-truth or a flat out lie are the three types of lies. You’ll find them all in the media today.

TBR aims to tell you the truth—the whole truth about history—things you need to know to figure out how things got so screwed up—and why. It’s a good investment in your family’s future.

No other history publication in America can truthfully say that.

And that’s the truth.

Willis A. Carto