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Shall Not be Infringed: The New Assaults on Your Second Amendment

In Shall Not Be Infringed, David Keene and Thomas Mason analyze the decades-long campaign to restrict or even abolish the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans. They outline and examine the ongoing battle fought in the courts, Congress, and state legislatures across the country as well as in the media and even the United Nations. Guns have become a symbol over which battle after battle is fought, all the while hiding the end game of a cultural shift to government dominance.

Although the Supreme Court ruled the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to “keep and bear arms,” various political leaders have promised to challenge this Constitutional freedom, even vowing to make it a litmus test for Supreme Court justice nominees. Gun control advocates continue to insist that the Court was wrong and should reverse this finding, thereby, stripping American gun owners of the Constitutional protection that has thus far made it impossible to ban gun ownership. Shall Not Be Infringed also addresses vital issues such as deterring and preventing crime, troubling presidential and Congressional politics as well as problematic anti-gun proposals to restrict the fundamental gun ownership rights of Americans.

Softcover, 206 pages.

Free: Citizens’ Handbook & Jurors Rulebook 

The best time to know your rights is right now! Back by popular demand in a new, pocket-sized format, AFP’s Citizens Handbook is loaded with vital information for every American.

Besides the full texts of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, AFP’s Citizens Handbook also dedicates a key portion to our rights as jurors. Also includes George Washington’s “Farewell Address” and Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty” speech.

Softcover, 106 pages

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