DECEPTION: The Great Covid Cover-Up

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Wielding previously unimaginable power, Dr. Anthony Fauci misled the country about the origins of the Covid pandemic and shut down scientific dissent. One of the few leaders who dared to challenge “America’s Doctor” was Sen. (Dr.) Rand Paul (R-Ky.). This book is his indictment of the catastrophic failures of the public health bureaucracy during the pandemic. Paul presents the evidence that: The Covid virus was almost assuredly the product of gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab in China—research funded by the U.S. government; taxpayer dollars were deceptively funneled to Wuhan without the required regulatory review; Fauci and his scientific yes-men knew early on about Covid’s origin and tried to hide it; and Fauci and his allies ruthlessly attacked everyone—including qualified scientists—who threatened to reveal the truth. Why? Hundreds of millions of dollars of grants and unreported royalties were at stake. Heads would roll if the truth got out. It almost worked. At Fauci’s insistence, the feds imposed needlessly extreme lockdowns at the cost of immense personal and economic destruction. Covid-19 was deadly, but the real killer was the coverup, led by our most durable medical bureaucrat Hardcover, 408 pages.