Salvaging Civilization – Uniting America with Christian Values

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Since the founding of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) in 1919, communists have infiltrated the churches, government, the schools, television and more. It is the belief of theologian Dr. Edward Mike that even Pope Francis has socialist/communist leanings, as can be shown from his family and professional background. Alienated atheists tend to replace Christianity with Marxism but, if they are informed about what is really happening in America (and the world), they will conceptually align with universal Christian values and respect each other, so we have the power in numbers to restore our civilized way of life. In other words, we must unite around Christian values. One section of the book is entitled Eradicating Christian Civilization (51 pages). In this section, the author exposes Karl Marx and communism in detail and shows how each of the tenets of Marx have taken hold in America and eroded our Constitution for many years while we were complacent. The author reveals the pathology of the communist mind-set. The author explains why he believes that children are being mentally abused by the public education system, contrasted with the Founders’ intent and the requirements of a government by We the People. Another section is entitled Restoring Christian Civilization (79 pages).

The author contrasts the barbarism of communism with abundant scriptural quotations, broken down into the themes of Christian values, emphasizing Christian individualism, the foundation of our nation and our civilized way of life, opposed to Communist collectivism. He also notes the limitations of the anachronistic Sitz im Leben of biblical times.* The Greek word for grace, karis, means the gift of revealing the Good News of Jesus’s teachings, shared freely with all who listen; not the divine repair of God’s defective creation. God is not actually an old man with a white beard. To the contrary, his teachings reverse the progressive disillusionment that is eradicating Christianity and establishes Christian values on a solid, contemporary platform.

The author then proceeds to discuss the remedies—what we can and must do to turn this around and reaffirm our values and save our Constitution. The author promotes home schooling as a means of strengthening families and rescuing children from public school corruption. Research shows that homeschooled children are more successful and happier, and he discusses the means to protect children from the communist teachings infecting the educational system from gradeschool to college. The author draws upon the Constitution itself, expanding the Militia of the several States as explained by Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr.—that is, getting everyone mobilized and committed to team up and make a difference without causing bloodshed. The author explains the “rationale of the politician” and provides resources to unite all sincere Americans, step by step, to take our Constitution back. As an aside, the author provides philosophical proof for the unalienable right and duty of human beings in our Sitz im Leben to keep and bear firearms.

The author discusses the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the implications of the Wuhan virus, and the increasing belligerence of the Chinese communists. Karl Marx said, “Everything that exists deserves to perish. I will stride through the wreckage a creator.” We can fear what the CCP will create. We can be complacent no longer. —— *In biblical criticism, Sitz im Leben is a German phrase roughly translating to “setting in life.” It stands for the context in which a text, or object, has been created, and its function and purpose at that time. The Sitz im Leben is also used to refer to the social, ethnic and cultural setting of a site at a particular era. When interpreting a text, object, or region, the Sitz im Leben has to be taken into consideration in order to allow a proper contextual interpretation. ORDER: Softcover, 209 pages.

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