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The alternative media in our country is now pretty well awash with books exposing and bewailing the many aspects of our American society which have been attacked and are now substantially controlled by an oligarchical cabal which appears to care not at all for the best interests of the bulk of our society, i.e., our great middle class.

This is not going to be yet another of such books. Rather, we shall herein simply acknowledge all that research and word-smithing, and then move ahead to the next step: to define an action aimed at recovering our country from those elites. Their goal, of course, is to terminate and replace our 200-year experiment in human freedom by a dictatorial system which they can control as they see fit without hindrance.

Thus, this book is aimed at that minority of individuals in our country who love our present Constitution, who are aware that it is close to being lost, and who are willing to do what they can to prevent it. A plan is presented herein which will require a tiny army of dedicated participants, but which has a good chance of prevailing in the long term even in the face of the oligarchy’s wealth and media control. We all owe it to our children to give it our best shot.

Softcover, 110 pages

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