POPULISM vs PLUTOCRACY: The Universal Struggle

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Edited by Willis A. Carto

The only complete record of the history of American populism, as embodied in the lives of America’s populist heroes.

It expounds the populist political philosophy by offering small profiles of some of the greatest historical populist figures. This unique work shows that populism is much more than a counterfeit label for demagogic politicians to sew on their tattered and soiled garments. Many politicians of today claim the populist label; however, as this volume shows, few among the Establishment’s figures fully understand this political philosophy. Today, with communism rightly perceived as failed and discredited, populism stands as the only obstacle in the world to economic and political slavery in a Global Plantation.

This is an updated version of the 1982 work, Profiles in Populism.

Hardcover, 290 pages

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