Mind Control: The Trance-Formation of America

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Explore the shocking story of trauma and sexual abuse used on two innocent American victims as highly effective mind-control techniques. Powerful factions have viciously exploited these methods for thousands of years as forms of interrogation and torture. Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien tell their story of being part of a sexual- and trauma-based mind control program.

As a child, Cathy O’Brien was raised in an abusive family and was used in covert government programs as a drug trafficker and sex slave. Mark Phillips, who used to work for various government agencies, including the CIA as a mind-control programmer, helped to free Cathy and her daughter Kelly from their abusers.

After fleeing to Alaska, they began the long process of deprogramming while Mark learned more about the abuse she and her daughter had endured for years. Featuring exclusive interviews with Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien from their home in Alabama, The Trance- Formation of America tells a fascinating story of the power of trauma and sexual abuse to control the human mind.

DVD, 70 minutes plus special features

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