Grifters, Frauds, and Crooks: True Stories of American Corruption

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By Richard Estep. From the heights of Wall Street to the heart of Main Street, from the hallowed halls of the Capitol to the battlefields of the military, and from the glitz and glamor of entertainment to the sanctity of science, no realm is immune to the clutches of corruption. This riveting account exposes both notorious figures and obscure swindlers and how these scams were carried out, including: Bernie Madoff’s infamous Ponzi schemes; Big Pharma scandals; the Black Sox; Operation ABSCAM; the seedy underworld of the Mafia; Harvey Weinstein; corruption in the White House; the Enron deceit; NYPD corruption; Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker; the Lehman Brothers; the Watergate break-in and cover-up; the Clinton/Lewinsky affair; J. Edgar Hoover’s abuse of power; the Sackler family’s opioid empire; and many other dishonest people and organizations! With more than 120 photos and graphics, Grifters, Frauds, and Crooks is richly illustrated. Its helpful bibliography and extensive index add to its usefulness. In the pursuit of money, influence and fame, the line between right and wrong sometimes becomes blurred, leaving a trail of shattered trust and broken dreams. Take an illuminating journey into the cons, scams, and shady deals that have shaped our nation. Softcover, 336 pages.