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Deep Truth Journal: A Journal of Deep Political & Historical Research

Deep Truth Journal (DTJ) is the magazine that will make the state-sponsored talking heads, court historians and textbook conglomerates rethink what they’ve done throughout their comfortable careers. It’s the journal that is set to blow the lid off of the historical establishment by challenging it with facts, witness testimony, and biting commentary in an effort to offer an alternative to the status quo. Don’t let the cozy academics define truth for you. Go deeper and get history resolved with Deep Truth Journal.

In this 130-page inaugural issue of DTJ, we have gathered together some of the most respected historical and political researchers ever assembled in one publication.

• James DiEugenio’s feature on JFK, Dag Hammarskjöld, and Patrice Lumumba questions the crises and murders of three men out to change the future of Africa. Obviously, Deep State actors didn’t want the Congo to be truly independent, as the theft of its mineral wealth was enriching colonial powers who didn’t want to see the contents of this treasure chest going to the people of the Congo, but into their own pockets.

• William Davy profiles Jim Garrison, who in 1969 prosecuted the only trial attempting to resolve the murder of President Kennedy. Find out how Garrison’s investigation unfolded and who he believed was involved in the assassination of JFK.

• Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965. Longtime journalist Karl Evanzz details the intelligence community’s machinations that surround the case of the slain civil rights leader and how his death solved a problem for the Deep State that they believed was getting out of control.

• Douglas Horne asks whether FDR led the Japanese to Pearl Harbor, incorporating some of the latest research on this momentous day of infamy.

• Jim Hougan looks deeper into the mysteries of Watergate’s “Deep Throat.”

• Lisa Pease explores the CIA’s connections to the mainstream media and why this is such a problem for American democracy today.

• In “Why the State Hates Conspiracy,” Joseph Green questions why the media covers the stories it does from the outset and ignores much more important topics.

• Our inaugural edition of DTJ also includes John Potash on the sabotage by the Deep State of the candidacies of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, Donald Jeffries’s critical view of Abe Lincoln, and S.T. Patrick’s look at the censoring of college professors and the state of free speech at institutions of higher learning today.

Also included are columns by Richard Bartholomew and Randolph Benson, as well as features on the mysterious murder of Seth Rich and the truth and lies of American history that still cloud our understanding of the past.

Currently, DTJ is scheduled for two issues per year, but your enthusiasm for this kind of previously censored information can make the difference. Support our efforts by buying additional copies of DTJ for friends and families. Purchase copies for libraries and universities. Help us break through the blockade on the truth.

Also inside this issue you will see dozens and dozens of important books by other highly respected truthseekers. Every purchase helps us to fund future editions of DTJ.

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