Deep Truth Journal #2

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Deep Truth Journal: A Journal of Deep Political & Historical Research

Issue 2, Fall/Winter 2019

Deep Truth Journal (DTJ) is the magazine that will make the state-sponsored talking heads, court historians and textbook conglomerates rethink what they’ve done throughout their comfortable careers. It’s the journal that is set to blow the lid off of the historical establishment by challenging it with facts, witness testimony, and biting commentary in an effort to offer an alternative to the status quo. Don’t let the cozy academics define truth for you. Go deeper and get history resolved with Deep Truth Journal.


JFK and Charlie: The Connection

By Nikolas Schreck

While John F. Kennedy’s assassination is said to have signaled America’s loss of innocence, the Tate-Labianca murders closed out the decade of change. Nikolas Schreck looks at how two seminal events of the 1960s shared more than just a decade.

Prince Eddy the Ripper By Donald Jeffries

Though the Jack the Ripper murders “gave birth to the 20th century,” documents have remained suppressed over 100 years later? Why? Author Donald Jeffries wonders whether the only reason to conceal documents in 2019 is to protect a royal conspiracy and the reputation of Victoria.

Killing Kings & Christians By Ronald L. Ray

From the deepest archives of the Vatican comes a document that shines new light on the revolutions that followed the end of World War I. Did the Grand Orient and Grand Lodge Freemasons enter a conspiracy to profit from The Great War? DTJ looks at how the Illuminati and Freemasonry built the foundations of the New World Order.

The Murder of Allard Lowenstein By Dr. Gregg Wager

On March 14, 1980, Rep. Allard K. Lowenstein (D-N.Y.) was killed by a friend and colleague, Dennis Sweeney. Was Sweeney simply mentally ill and fully taken by a fit of paranoia, as textbooks recall? Dr. Gregg Wager looks at the possibility that Sweeney was yet another victim of the CIA’s MK-Ultra.

Area 51 Whistleblowers By John Lear

Throughout 1988 and 1989, Bob Lazar, Gene Huff, and John Lear experienced a story so incredible that many ufologists deny it still today. Did Bob Lazar back-engineer alien craft at the remote S-4 location of Area 51? Did Lear, Lazar, and Huff see alien craft test flown on scheduled sightseeing excursions into the Nevada desert? In 2017, John Lear spoke about the most spectacular time in his life—the “Year of Lazar.”

Alleged Pre-Roswell U.S. Crashes By Philip Rife

Kenneth Arnold had what is now known as the first widely reported modern UFO sighting near Mount Rainier, Washington in June 1947. The infamous crash outside of Roswell, New Mexico was reported in newspapers only weeks later. This was the start of the modern UFO era—or was it? DTJ explores similar crashes that pre-date Roswell.

Hitler’s Saucers: Fact vs. Myth By Marc Roland

Operation Aldebaran was Heinrich Himmler’s attempt to recover and study a craft that is said to have crashed in the Black Forest in 1937. DTJ looks at the Third Reich’s interest in UFOs, asking what we can know and what we have reason to believe when much of the documentation cannot easily be verified.

Hans Kammler: Mystery Man of the Reich By Philip Rife

He wasn’t Hitler, Himmler, Hess, or Heydrich. Yet, Philip Rife says, he was one of the third Reich’s most important figures—Hans Kammler, the SS general placed in charge of Germany’s most high-tech weapons. What did the brilliant, mad scientist dream for Germany’s future scientific dominance? It’s one of WWII’s great mysteries.

The Revolution: A Christian War? By James Perloff

Author James Perloff takes a hard look at the controversy surrounding authorship of the Declaration of Independence and whether Thomas Paine was its main author. And what does it mean for American history if the country’s most revolutionary document was the product of an atheist?

Oklahoma City: The Aftermath By Pat Shannan

In April 1995, a bomb exploded outside of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. Tim McVeigh was executed for the crime. That’s really all many people know. Here, Pat Shannan questions everything we think we know about the OKC bombing.

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