BLACKBALLED by HISTORY: True Tales of Some of History’s Most Demonized Characters

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Contained in this book are six true tales of history that set the record straight on a few characters that have been blackballed by the court historians. Perhaps some of them deserve their reputation—and perhaps they don’t.

Included in this short collection of essays are vignettes on famed American traitor Benedict Arnold, British dragoon leader Banastre Tarleton, Confederate raider William Quantrill, gunslinger John Wesley Hardin, British fascist John Amery and even the most vilified man in history—Adolf Hitler.

Some of the authors themselves have been “blackballed by history.” These include inventor Henry Ford, Belgian Waffen-SS General Leon Degrelle and American populist and nationalist publisher Willis A. Carto.

Once you read these true tales, however, you may think twice about believing what you read in mainstream history books ever again.

Softcover, 77 pages

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