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In 2007, Australian-born MJ Greene reached a crossroad in her career. With a desire to do something new, exciting, and meaningful within another culture, she took the opportunity to work as general manager for one of the largest multinational organizations in Afghanistan. As Greene immersed herself into preparing for her new position, she had no idea that very soon, she would be mustering the courage to reveal the truth and stand up for what was right, regardless of the personal sacrifice.

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Greene begins with the details of her journey as she left for Afghanistan as a fresh-faced subcontractor ready to help piece the country back together. But as she arrived in a hostile, ever-changing environment, she soon realized that she would need to rely on her instincts in order to survive. As she encountered daily work challenges that caused her to become suspicious that something was not right, Greene was led down a dangerous path lined with closely guarded secrets that forced her to rely on her moral compass for guidance.

A Conflict of Interest shares a true story of personal discovery as a woman living in war-torn Afghanistan must rely on her inner strength and resilience to challenge corruption, expose human rights violations, and help end discernible wrongdoing.

Softcover, 249 pages

Excerpt from the Introduction

As described in the preface, this book is a personal account of how I, MJ Greene, an Aussie female with no prior experience of living or working in the Middle East or Central Asia, took on the role of general manager for one of the largest multinational organizations in Afghanistan, TerraTota Suppliers*, a subcontractor to NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). It is a story of the daily challenges of being in that war-torn region and the toll it takes on body, mind and spirit.

But all that is self-evident by living and working in a war zone, especially for a Western woman like me, as yet unaccustomed to such an environment. Other aspects of conflict zones are not that self-evident. This book is about those too. Te dark and shadowy corners of the human soul, the personal grit needed to survive in a place where death is always palpable. No one ever knows the oment when death might strike, but in a war zone that moment is constantly at hand for everyone. This book shows how that reality changes a person, blurring the lines of which actions are acceptable because of the environment. But this book also shows what it takes to find within us the core of strength necessary to buck the system and stand up for what is right regardless of where we are.

Entering a zone of conflict has many inherent risks, and only those with innate courage and resilience will survive. There are always conflicts of interest in such circumstances, and that means that trouble is never far away. The very term “conflict of interest” is layered with many nuances. Only by peeling away the layers one at a time can the truth be revealed. And the truth is they key to surviving–with our self-respect intact. The labyrinth of corruption is circuitous indeed, and frequently a conscience and moral compass are the only defenses against utter personal destruction.

This book is about all this and more. It is a story of personal discover, including finding the valor and fortitude necessary to uncover the truth, challenge the status quo of corruption, fight the all-too-frequent abuses of human rights, and help put an end to discernible wrongdoing. …

*TerraTota Suppliers is a fictitious entity, like all the names of persons and organizations used throughout this book (other than public figures and organizations known to the general public [i.e., NATO, ISAF, etc.] However, all accounts and events are true and are related accurately to the best of the author’s ability.

MJ Greene was born and raised in Australia. She is an avid supporter of humanitarian projects in Afghanistan and is currently hard at work on the sequel to her memoir about her experience uncovering and resolving corruption in Afghanistan.

MJ Greene lived in Afghanistan while she worked as the general manager of a NATO subcontractor. Drawing upon her inner resilience and courage, she bravely exposed the corruption and human rights violations in her organization. She wrote this book in order to share her experiences and empower other women to muster the courage to reveal the truth whenever it is hidden and to stand up for what is right regardless of the potential personal costs.

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