THUNDER OVER ZION: Illuminati Bloodlines and the Secret Plan for a Jewish Utopia and a New World Messiah DVD

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Jesus told the Jews who rejected Him that they would someday accept an evil imposter as their Messiah to rule over them. Now, that day has arrived as the wealthy blood dynasties of the Illuminati plot to make Jerusalem capital of a satanic New World Order.

The Illuminati bloodlines, led by the Rothschilds and the Bronfman dynasties, have concocted an elaborate scheme to catapult to the heights of world power their leader, whom they shall worship as King of the Jews and dictator over the Gentiles. The Holy Bible says he will be the antichrist, the beast, an evil-possessed monster whose name can be calculated with the fateful number, 666.

The Jerusalem plot is designed to bring about a Jewish Utopia, a Socialist Communist empire. Christianity is to be destroyed, its last vestiges to become laced with cabalistic occultism. All world religions shall be made subservient to Talmudic Judaism.

Here is the amazing story of Mystery Babylon come to life!

Unhearalded Discoveries Revealed

The scandalous Bronfman Illuminati bloodline—they preside over the powerful World Jewish Congress. Its leader treats the President of the United States like a puppet.;

The Rothschilds—richest dynasty in the world. The leaders of Britain and Israel worship these ruthless barons of the Illuminati bloodlines. They control the world’s banking and financial establishments;

The late Meyer Lansky—the Jewish gangster who ran both the Jewish and Italian mafias in the United States. His successors remain in power;

The New Age cult groups and Jewish rabbis working to make Jerusalem the capital of a One World Government;

The architecturally unique library of the Supreme Court in Israel—built with Rothschilds money and shaped like an Egyptian pyramid. What is its hidden, cabalistic meaning?

The secret blood connection of FBI founder J. Edgar Hoover, a 33rd degree Mason, with the founder and head of the 18th century Rothschild clan;

The stunning plot by a French Mason to stage the coming of a Jewish World Messiah in Jerusalem. High technology is to be used to put on a dazzling theatrical show of miracles, complete with an artificially induced earthquake on Mount Zion to convince the whole world the Messiah has come;

The plan to build a Jewish Utopia in which perfected man (enlightened Jews) shall collectively become “God.” Defective men and gentiles, like cattle, are to be destroyed.

DVD, 60 minutes

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