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Until now, a complete alternative account of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party has not been fully revealed. This material is so controversial that revisionist historians will be debating it for ages.

Other chapters focus on the possibility of Earth being part of a binary star system, the so-called “gravity hoax,” secret messages contained in Stanley Kubrick’s films, the mind control behind mass psychology, and how rock’n’ roll has been “possessed” by dark forces.

Softcover, 248 pages


1) Synchronicity: A Crossfire Hurricane

2) Thought Forms

3) Quantum Science

4) Binary Star System

5) The Jehovah-Lucifer Plot

6) Esoteric Menage a Trois

7) The Magicians Who Shaped Adolf Hitler

8) Jimmy Page’s “Presence”

9) 2001: A Space Odyssey

10) Artistic Tulpas

11) The Mind Benders: Mass Psychology as a Dark Art

12) Transcending the Supernatural

13) Crossing the Event Horizon

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