The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda and an Unnecessary War

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By Thomas J. Dilorenzo. The author makes hamburger out of sacred cow. Dilorenzo shows Lincoln as he truly was, a mentally unstable despot bent on dragging the nation into years of bloody, unnecessary fratricide. A side of Lincoln few ever knew existed is exposed for all to see.

The book argues convincingly that Honest Abe was a calculating politician who subverted the Constitution, disregarded states’ rights and achieved the closest thing to a totalitarian dictatorship yet seen on U.S. soil. Worse than FDR.
DiLorenzo criticizes Lincoln for the suspension of habeas corpus, violations of the First Amendment, war crimes committed by generals in the American Civil War, and the expansion of government power.
He says that Lincoln instigated the American Civil War not over slavery but rather to centralize power and to enforce the strongly protectionist Morrill Tariff; similarly, he criticizes Lincoln for his strong support of Henry Clay’s American System.
Softcover, 361 pages

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