The GOLEM: Israel’s Nuclear Hell Bomb and the Road to Global Armageddon

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How Israel, the racist state that has the bomb, pushed the U.S. into the senseless war in Iraq and now demands the United States wage an insane war against Iran! The nuclear “Golem” is the bizarre and dangerous cornerstone of Israel’s national security policy.

Development of a nuclear arsenal was the foundation of Israeli policy from the beginning. In The Golem, Michael Collins Piper examines not only the fanatical nature of this nuclear policy, but also the ongoing danger of political and civil instability in Israel where anti-Christian and anti-Muslim forces are rising to power. In Israel today the strange and frightening Talmud-based legend of the Golem remains a much-celebrated force in popular culture, inextricably linked to Israel’s national security mindset and thinking. You will find the whole incredible story in The Golem—exclusively from AMERICAN FREE PRESS.

Softcover, 182 pages


What is “The Golem”? 17
Chapter One:
Israel’s Institutionalized Racism & Nuclear Dangers 26

Chapter Two:
The Rise of Fanaticism in Israel and its Nuclear Context 33

Chapter Three:
Civil Instability in Israel and its Possible Consequences 36

Chapter Four:
Israel’s “Mainstream” Leaders Ponder Nuclear Warfare 40

Chapter Five:
Israel’s Attack on an Ally: The USS Liberty Affair 43

Chapter Six:
Israel the Instigator of Middle East Nuclear Proliferation 48

Chapter Seven:
U.S. Tax Exempt Organizations Bankroll Israel’s Golem 54

Chapter Eight:
The U.S.-Israel Nuclear “Merger” 56

Chapter Nine:
U.S. Army Analysts Tell Israel to Give Up its Golem 58

Chapter Ten:
The “Poisonous Relationship” That Needs to Be Reassessed 60

Chapter Eleven:
The U.S.-Israel-India Nuclear Axis 62

Chapter Twelve:
JFK’s Secret War With Israel Over Nuclear Weapons 66

Chapter Thirteen:
Jimmy Carter’s “Jewish Problem” 79

Chapter Fourteen:
Hillary Clinton Was Right: Bill and Monica-Gate 84

Chapter Fifteen:
The Revolt of the Generals 93

Chapter Sixteen:
Zionist Lobby Calls for “Witch Hunt” 98

Chapter Seventeen:
The Revolt of the Academics 101

Chapter Eighteen:
Zionism’s War Against the United Nations 104

Chapter Nineteen:
Targeting Iraq and Iran—Long-Term Zionist Strategy 112

Chapter Twenty:
Israel the Chief Beneficiary of War Against Iraq and Iran 114

Chapter Twenty-One:
“Indelibly Jewish Fingerprints” on Iran War Schemes 119

Chapter Twenty-Two:
Iraq War Architects Now Aiming at Iran 121

Chapter Twenty-Three:
“New York Money People” Want War on Iran 124

Chapter Twenty-Four:
Iranian Nuclear Controversy “Made in Israel” 127

Chapter Twenty-Five:
Iran’s President Challenges New World Order 129

Chapter Twenty-Six:
Dr. Mahathir Mohamad: It’s Time to Wage War Against War 137

Chapter Twenty-Seven:
“Failed State” of Israel Willing to Break Nuclear Taboo 140

Chapter Twenty-Eight:
The End of Life on Earth 142

Chapter Twenty-Nine:
The Media’s “Instituionalized Disinformation” 144

Chapter Thirty:
Lawrence Dennis Appeals to Reason: 
“The Biggest Crime of the 20th Century” 146

The “Israelization” of American Foreign Policy 159

A Final Word:
What is to be Done? 177
Index 181
Other Books of Interest 183
Commentary by Israeli dissident Mordechai Vanunu: 
A review of the work of Michael Collins Piper 195
Commentary by Japanese philosopher Ryu Ohta: 
A review of the work of Michael Collins Piper 196
Media in America Displays Bias 197
“How I Discovered The Problem of Israel” 
—A Reflective Essay by Michael Collins Piper 198
A Letter From the Author 200

What is The Golem?

That provocative question—the answer to which is central to the survival of life on Earth—is confronted in no uncertain terms in this explosive first-ever study of its kind. . . . 

In Jewish lore, a distinguished rabbi magically conjured up out of clay from the earth a brutish creature—the Golem—that the rabbi dispatched upon the world to vanquish the enemies of the Jewish people. As told in the legend—which later inspired Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein—the Golem got out of control and proved a threat to even Jewish survival.

In fact, a most real (and quite dangerous) Golem does exist on our planet in these modern times. Cast out of a mineral known as uranium, this Golem is—as Israel’s founding father, David Ben-Gurion, described it—Israel’s “sacred” nuclear weapon of mass destruction, the primary source of trouble today in the precarious realm of atomic proliferation on the face of our strife-ridden planet.

In this landmark work, veteran author Michael Collins Piper pulls no punches in asserting that Israel’s nuclear Hell Bomb is pushing civilization toward global Armageddon, that the perpetuation of this uncontrolled weapons program has left the world held hostage. Piper explains the danger the planet faces as a direct consequence of American collaboration with a nuclear-armed Israel, a nation which has an open historical record of hostility to other peoples, based on little-known Jewish religious teachings that have been the philosophy upon which Israel—since its earliest days—has worked relentlessly to construct an atomic arsenal—its Golem—the foundation of its national security strategy.

Outlining the whole shocking story, Piper demonstrates that America’s international policy has been hijacked by well-heeled supporters of Israel who—in combination with a mass media dominated by Jewish families and financial interests—have become the masters of America’s destiny and that of mankind itself. Piper calls this phenomenon “the ‘Israelization’ of American foreign policy.”

Having previously produced six different—and all widely-acclaimed—studies (translated into multiple languages) that have focused on various aspects of Zionist intrigue, Piper is now internationally acknowledged as a foremost and articulate longtime critic of U.S. policy toward Israel and the Muslim world. In The Golem, Piper has assembled a mammoth record of indisputable facts pointing toward the unmistakable conclusion: that the people of the United States and the world must work together to ensure Israel’s Golem is dismantled. 

This one monumental volume could help make that happen. . . .

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