MYSTERY MARK of the NEW AGE: Satan’s Design for World Domination

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The Luciferian conspiracy takes in religion, politics, and economics. Openly opposed to Biblical Christianity, evil plotters are seeking to initiate every person on earth into the “Mystery of Iniquity.” As part of this worldwide plan, all will be required to receive a “Mystery Mark,” either on the forehead or the right hand, and bow to the coming New Age Messiah.

An explosive book revealing the hidden occultic meaning and dark powers of the symbols, marks, and logos promoted by the occultists. Unmasks the New Age plot to subconsciously program our minds with occult symbols and eventually give all of mankind a mark. Also documents the horrendous New Age, socialist, Nazi-like schemes to purify and cleanse the earth by wiping out true Christians and other “renegades.”

Softcover, 288 pages

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