Lost Sheep Found

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America used to be a country with a government. Now we’re a government with a country.

Red Beckman spent more than 45 years (during the first half of his life) as a church-going Christian, listening to and believing everything the preacher said. Then, he says, he realized that the vast majority of the nation’s churches—not just his own—had fallen under a mysterious force teaching many government edicts that simply were not biblical.

Red believed the core problems afflicting America today are spiritual ones that cannot be solved politically. Simply put, we must return America to “One nation under God.”

It’s not welfare, food stamps or war that will make our nation great again, and it most certainly isn’t Republicans or Democrats, as he points out in his last book, Lost Sheep Found. Only repentance and a return to God and biblical guidance can save America, and this means that the nation’s pastors must stop obeying government edicts that interfere with the teachings of God. These preachers can reach out to hundreds of dedicated listeners each week and can have more political impact on We the People than any D.C. politician.

Reforming this nation can start in the pulpit and the truths contained in Lost Sheep Found can be a guide for them and others who are willing to admit the real problem is a spiritual one, not a political one. Inside this book is a wealth of practical and spiritual wisdom accumulated during Red’s life.

Red spent the greater portion of his life touring, lecturing and writing books in an attempt to make a difference by educating his fellow citizens about the truth about the IRS, personal freedom, the Constitution and the need for national spirituality. Now it’s your turn.

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