JFK-9/11: 50 Years of Deep State

JFK-9/11, by Laurent Guyénot
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From the Cold War to the “War on Terror,” JFK-9/11 exposes the hidden powers at work in the Empire’s foreign policy. It highlights the role of undercover and paramilitary operations, psychological warfare and disinformation, and false-flag terror. Relying strictly on documented evidence and state-of-the-art research on the JFK assassination and 9/11, the book cuts through the layers of government and mainstream media lies. JFK-9/11 assembles the most significant and well-documented “deep events” of the last 50 years into a coherent narrative of the “deep history” of the United States and its sphere of influence. The result is both a concise introduction for newcomers and an insightful perspective for informed readers.

The book is divided into two parts: The first deals with the underlying forces of the Cold War, the second with the driving forces of the War on Terror. The period investigated begins just before November 22, 1963 and peaks on September 11, 2001, the two deep events that weigh most heavily on the unfolding of American and world history.

Author Laurent Guyénot highlights their structural similarities, examines how one made the other possible 38 years later, and follows the underlying thread leading from the one to the other, in the hope of anticipating and circumventing future atrocities.

Softcover, 238 pages

About the Author

Laurent Guyénot was born in France in 1960. After graduating as an engineer from the École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées in Paris, and working in the armaments industry in the United States for two years, he turned to the study of religious history and anthropology. He has earned a PhD in Medieval Studies at La Sorbonne, Paris, and has since authored several groundbreaking books in French on medieval “narrative anthropology”, most recently The Bleeding Spear (2010) and Fairy Death (2011). He has also published an investigation into the psychological and social damage of mass pornography. He has been researching America’s “deep history” for the last four years, and has been a contributor to Voltairenet.org. JFK-911 is his first book in English.

Reader Reviews

“An exciting book. I can’t remember reading any book with such enthusiasm. If I had to recommend a single book to a friend, this is the one.” – Noel Vaillant

“A book that shatters illusions and opens the mind. We are puppets on the strings of the financiers.”  – Marc A. M. Lebatard

“A historical bombshell, an excellent book that sets the record straight! The author has done a colossal job of research. I highly recommend it!” – Raffi Mekhsian

“Must read, exciting book. A change from the usual propaganda. Opens the mind on various aspects of this world around us.” – Julien Panichi

“Everything is finally clear, the puzzle of the hidden history of the United States is beautifully drawn, the state within the state that runs this country only works to increase its profits, powers and dominance, regardless of human life, ‘the end justifies the means,’ all the rest is accessory.” – T. Jean Michel

“The author gently but firmly unravels many deceptions, always going straight to the point without boring the reader, who learns that history is written by the victors. ‘The history of lies’ is dealt a masterful blow, to make way for the ‘history of shame.’ ” – Avempace

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