IN THIS AGE of PLENTY: A New Conception of Economics—Social Credit

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This book presents a new conception of finance and of the money system that could free society from purely financial problems. Its author, Louis Even, sets out the outlines of the Social Credit financial proposals, conceived by the Scottish engineer Clifford Hugh Douglas.

Softcover, 409 pages


Table of Contents


Social Credit: Not Socialism, Not a Political Party

1. A Few Principles

2. Economics

3. The Consumers

4. Goods

5. Specialization – The Machine

6. Poverty Amidst Plenty

7. The Symbol and the Thing

8. The Birth and Death of Money

9. THe Monetary Defect

10. Putting the Monetary System Right

11. The Rights of Each One to the Bare Necessities of Life

12. What is a Dividend?

13. Heritage and Heirs

14. The National Dividend

15. Money and Prices

16. Price Adjustment

17. The National Credit

18. The Monetary Mechaism of Social Credit

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