Green Barbarians: The Environmentalist Plot to Destroy the Earth and Launch a New-Age Holocaust

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For years, they claimed to love “Mother Earth” and wanted only to protect her. They lied. Now, Texe Marrs fully reveals their monstrous hidden agenda. He documents their plans to blow up dams, bulldoze and graze over roads, savagely cut down millions of trees, kill off countless millions of birds and animals, and obliterate tens of millions of acres of green vegetation and plant life. Worse, however, is the fanatical environmentalists’ barbaric design against human life—they fanatically are plotting a genocide that would result in the slaying and massacre of nearly 6 billion innocent men, women and children. The crimes of history’s greatest villains are miniscule compared to the bloody carnage for which the environmentalists are leading us. If they succeed, they will have become the greatest destroyers in all history. No wonder that Revelation 11:18 declares God’s wrath against destructive environmentalist renegades and reveals His intent to “destroy those who destroy the Earth.” DVD, 85 minutes.