George Soros: Marxist Manipulator (2 Year Renewal)

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What Is George Soros Doing Right Now?

That’s a good question. He might be slurping down some caviar or sitting in a sauna softening up his leathery skin.

But the most honest answer is: We’re not sure. One thing we do know for sure is that he is still with us at age 92, proving that the obituaries circulating on the internet in late 2022 were merely “wishful thinking.” No, he is alive and well, and we know enough about him to surmise that, currently, he is up to no good. Why believe otherwise? Everything Soros touches festers and rots.

And the damage he has done already to America is incalculable.

Currently worth about $10 billion—after donating more than $32 billion to his Open Society Foundations over the last several years—Soros and his network of subversive organizations (including son Alexander) continue to:

• Push for the release of hardened criminals back onto the streets to commit more crimes without consequence;

• Make sure soft-on-crime district attorneys and prosecutors are put in place by donating huge amounts of money to their campaign efforts;

• Support efforts to usher as many illegal aliens as possible into the U.S.;

• Push for the institution of Critical Race Theory into public schools;

• Sway school board elections with large campaign contributions;

• Actively sabotage patriotic organizations that expose his activities;

• Financially support the activities of violent extremists such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa;

• Oppose tough-on-crime sheriffs in favor of “woke” ones;

• Donate heavily to “progressive” (Marxist) political candidates;

• Work to tear down American sovereignty and promote the NWO;

• Actively undermine race relations;

• Promote “equity” and “diversity” as neo-Bolshevik models for America;

• Support gender confusion while promoting “sexual freedom” and on demand abortion; etc.

The problem is, when you discuss George Soros with average people, they seem totally oblivious to the true nature of the one man who may actually have more effect on their lives and their futures than even the U.S. president. It’s typical to see comments on the internet like this one from Chrys T. defending Soros: “Seriously, I wish I knew why people go down such crazy rabbit holes. Even more so, I wish I knew how we could help them, and save ourselves from such insanity.” Or this one from Angela S.: “I’m grateful to him for trying to make the world a better place for everyone, not just the privileged few.”

Well, we disagree with them and tend to side with Dana K. who says, “He is a meddling, liberal [jerk]. In my opinion, he needs to stay out of American politics and just enjoy what time he has left on Earth until he takes over hell.” The problem is, Soros could be with us for some time and people need to know the truth about this billionaire miscreant now, before he passes.

That’s why AFP has come up with a new 28-page, no-holds-barred special report on Soros entitled George Soros: Marxist Manipulator. This 8.5-by-11-inch report covers as many of his dangerous activities as we could pack in.

AFP’s George Soros: Marxist Manipulator is a collection of 18 explosive articles covering the history and activities of Soros and his neo-Bolshevik clan. Inside this illustrated report you will get information on: the real Georgy Schwartz; his history; his involvement in the war in Ukraine; excerpts from his writings showing his push for a “one-world utopia”; Soros’s agenda for Europe: one multicultural state ruled by a hand-picked elite; how multiple nations have banned him or filed criminal charges against him; how Soros money is behind the unending stream of lawsuits designed to keep the southern border wide open; how Soros works against the American people; and Soros’s effort to make sure Hispanics become brainwashed liberals. (He fears they are naturally conservative and will resist his efforts to divide families, promote perversion, and banish God.)

Other articles detail how the politicians Soros and his minions get elected literally destroy cities, how Soros money fuels race rioting and anarchist terrorism, how Soros money bloats the coffers of Zionist lobbying groups, and how Soros ultimately funded the inauguration riots of 2017 in Washington and elsewhere around the country. AFP has also included an article on a new push by the United Nations aims to make discussion of Soros illegal!

George Soros: Marxist Manipulator has everything you need to convince your friends—and thousands more people—what a danger Soros is to the very fabric of Western society. Only by exposing this culture-wrecker can we stop him from stealing America and the rest of the West out from underneath us!

28 pages, 8.5-by-11-inch report



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