DUPES: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century

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Categories: Communism, History


I n this well-researched book, best- selling historian Paul Kengor shines light on a deeply troubling aspect of American history: the prominent role of the “dupe.” From the Bolshevik “revolution” through the Cold War and right up to the modern era, many progressives have unwittingly aided some of America’s most dangerous opponents. Based on never-before-published FBI files, Soviet archives, and other primary sources, DUPES exposes the legions of liberals who have furthered the objectives of America’s adversaries. Kengor shows not only how such dupes contributed to history’s most destructive ideology—Communism, which claimed at least 100 million lives—but also why they are so relevant to today’s politics.

DUPES reveals: • Shocking reports on how Sen. Ted Kennedy secretly approached the Soviet leadership to undermine not one but two American presidents; • Stunning new evidence that Frank Davis—mentor to Barack Obama—had extensive communist ties and demonized Democrats; • Jimmy Carter’s woeful record dealing with America’s two chief foes of the past century, communism and Islamic radicalism; • Today’s dupes, including the congressmen whose overseas anti- American propaganda trips were financed by foreign intelligence; • How 1960s Marxist radicals— Tom Hayden, Mark Rudd, Jane Fonda, Jeff Jones, Bill Ayers, and more—suddenly reemerged as “progressives for Barack Obama”; • How Franklin Roosevelt was duped by “Uncle Joe” Stalin—and by a top advisor who may have been a Soviet agent—despite clear warnings from fellow Democrats; • How John Kerry’s accusations that American soldiers committed war crimes in Vietnam may have been the product of Soviet disinformation; • The many Hollywood stars who were duped, including Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Katharine Hepburn, Gene Kelly, and even Ronald Reagan; • Soviet records that demonstrate beyond doubt the communists’ expansionist aims and their targeting of American liberals, especially academics and the religious left; • How liberals still defend the same communists who trashed Democratic icons like Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Harry Truman, and JFK—and still at- tack the anti-communists who tried to spare them from being duped; • Details on many other dupes (and dupers), including Arthur Miller, Dr. Benjamin Spock, John Dewey, H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Lillian Hellman, Howard Zinn, Walter Cronkite, and Helen Thomas; • A new chapter on the “War on Terror.” Packed with stunning revelations, DUPES shows in frightening detail how U.S. adversaries exploit the American home front. Now with an updated introduction to this edition. Softcover, 640 pages, $28.