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Leo Lyon ZagamiConfessions of an Illuminati, Volume 1

Confessions of an Illuminati: The Whole Truth About the Illuminati and the New World Order (Volume I)

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Released in English for the first time by secret society insider and author Leo Lyon Zagami, this ground-breaking book presents internal documents, confidential rituals, secret fraternal rites, and a unique perspective on global events that expose a web of deceit and total world control. His book contends that the presence of numerous Illuminati brotherhoods and secret societies—just like the prestigious Yale University’s Skull & Bones—have always been guides to the occult. From the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.)’s infiltration of Freemasonry to the real Priory of Sion, this book exposes the hidden structure of the New World Order and the occult practices of the various groups involved within it, including their connections to Aleister Crowley, malevolent ETs, the intelligence community, and the infamous Ur-Lodges.

If the truth is stranger than fiction, then the true secret structure of the Illuminati and their invisible network made from various power groups presents a far different perspective than what the public is offered in the media, or by their elected officials. The first step in defeating the Illuminati and their satanic New World Order is to understand their modus operandi. Because once you know their method of operation, including how to interpret their symbols and understand what is not being told to you, it is then possible to comprehend their control grid and gain the power to oppose it. After all, knowledge is power!

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“Leo Zagami tackles with courage and determination the difficult theme of secret societies and in particular the Western initiatic system, offering an avalanche of historical detail and valuable information. A titanic work, full of clarity and realism, indispensable for anyone who wants to understand thoroughly the occult scenario unknown to most people, but also an ‘enlightening’ guide to better cope with a world that is about to change radically in the delicate inscrutable relationship between earthly power and other unworldly powers.”—Varo Venturi, film director, “6 Days on Earth”
“Author Leo Lyon Zagami uses the Illuminati’s internal documents and reveals confidential and top-secret events. His book contends that the presence of numerous Illuminati brotherhoods and secret societiesjust as those inside the most prestigious U.S. universities such as Yale or Harvardhave always been guides to the occult. From the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO)’s infiltration of Freemasonry to the real Priory of Sion, this book exposes the hidden structure of the New World Order and the occult practices of the various groups involved with it, including their connections to the intelligence community and the infamous Ur-Lodges. Critique: A scattering of black-and-white photographs illustrates this astonishing glimpse into the power structures and occult practices of notorious secret societies, including their connections to metaphysical pioneer Aleister Crowley, hostile extraterrestrial lifeforms, the intelligence community, and more. But how can ordinary people take a stand against vested interests of money and power? Knowledge is the first step, and even the most skeptical browser will find Confessions of an Illuminati modus operandi exposé enlightening!”—Midwest Book Review

About the Author

Leo Lyon Zagami, writer and researcher, is the son of Dr. Elio Zagami (1939-2010), known Jungian analyst, writer, and co-founder of GAPA (Independent Group of Analytical Psychology), of which he was president. His grandfather was Senator Leopoldo Zagami, a Sicilian politician who was also a known historian and author, who married into the aristocratic family of the Marquis de Gregorio. Leo’s mother is Jessica Lyon Young, a member of the family of the Queen Mother of England. Her father, Henry Lyon Young, was also a writer. Felicity Mason, mother, Leo’s maternal grandmother, helped Leo in developing his talents since a young age. Felicity was an old-time collaborator and friend of avant-garde eccentrics such as William Burroughs and Brion Gysin. She was also known under the pseudonym Anne Cumming, which made her famous in the ’80s as a controversial novelist, after working for many years in the cinema business with prestigious figures such as Fellini and Zeffirelli.

Zagami, who is known for a brilliant career as Leo Young in the media and music industry as a record producer, became quickly popular on the web in 2006 because of his direct involvement in the New World Order and Secret Societies known to the majority of us as the “Illuminati.” His blog rose quickly and gained attention from people such as David Icke for its accurate, fully documented groundbreaking inside information.

Between 2009 and 2014 he began publishing books in Europe and in Japan based on a variety of subjects that range from the history of the secret societies and the Vatican to geo-political matters concerning the New World Order.

In 2013 he collaborated with well-known Italian journalists Ferruccio Pinotti and Giacomo Galeazzi in drafting a chapter for their Italian bestseller Vaticano Massone, which was released in May 2013, dedicated to the secretive world of Vatican Freemasonry. Zagami has been the protagonist of a highly successful documentary featured on Infowars on its “Operation Money Bomb,” the 24-hour special made by Alex Jones in Rome, called “Demonic Possession Of The Vatican Exposed: Leo Zagami Interview.”

After publishing 12 books in Italy and Japan with great success, Zagami is now finally reaching the English-speaking public, thanks to a five-book deal made with San Francisco’s CCC Publishing. He travels around the world giving conferences and is the Grandmaster of the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis, based in Florence, Italy, which helps spread his knowledge and preserve the knowledge of the ancient mystery schools.

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