Ancient High Tech

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Ancient High Tech: Astonishing Scientific Achievements of Early Civilizations

A detailed look into ancient advanced technology, science, and medicine—some of which has yet to be reproduced today.

  • Explores countless examples of ancient high tech, including robotics, artificial intelligence, aircraft, solar-powered cannons, high-speed drills, illuminated underground temples, massive refrigerators, and subterranean cities
  • Examines evidence of advanced medicine in ancient times
  • Includes examples from ancient Egypt, China, Greece, Babylon, Siberia, the Americas, and India

The first self-igniting match was invented in 1805 by Jean Chancel, a French chemist. Yet, in Babylon, 3,600 years before, identical sulfur matches were in common use. On the Panchavarnaswamy Temple in India, built millennia ago, there is a detailed carving of a man on a bicycle, yet the bicycle wasn’t invented in the modern world until 1817. These inventions are only two examples of technology lost in the Dark Ages.

Exploring the sophisticated tech achieved by ancient civilizations hundreds and thousands of years ago, Frank Joseph examines evidence of robotics and other forms of artificial intelligence; manned flight, such as hot-air balloons and gliders; and military science, including flamethrowers, biological warfare, poison gas, and solar-powered cannons. He reveals how ancient construction engineers excavated subterranean cities, turned stone walls into glass, lifted 100-ton blocks of granite, illuminated underground temples and pyramids, and stored their food in massive refrigerators.

Examples explored in the book include the first known alarm clock, invented by Plato in 4th-century-BC Greece; 600-year-old Aztec whistles that reproduce animal sounds and human voices with uncanny accuracy; Stone Age jewelry from Siberia worked by a high-speed drill; sex robots in ancient Troy, Greece, and China; ancient Egyptian aircraft; and India’s iron pillar exposed to sixteen hundred years of monsoons but still standing rust-free. The author also explores evidence of advanced medicine in ancient times, particularly in Egypt and China, from brain surgery, optometry, and prosthetics to dentistry, magnet therapy, and cancer cures.

By examining the achievements of our ancient ancestors, we can not only reverse-engineer their inventions but also learn from their civilizations’ mistakes, enabling us to avoid more dark ages. Imagine how scientifically advanced humanity would be if our early achievements had escaped destruction and been allowed to develop?

Softcover, 303 pages

About the Author

Frank Joseph was the editor in chief of Ancient American magazine from 1993-2007. He is the author of several books, including Before AtlantisAdvanced Civilizations of Prehistoric AmericaThe Lost Civilization of Lemuria, and The Lost Treasure of King Juba. He lives in the Upper Mississippi Valley.


“Based on extensive research including the latest findings, Frank Joseph delivers in this book a comprehensive overview of our ancient ancestors’ remarkable achievements, much of them lost to the sands of time. Frank Joseph once again shows why he is a leading expert on ancient civilizations with this impressive book backed up by plenty of evidence. Who would have thought that many of the modern conveniences we take for granted were also enjoyed by our ancient ancestors?!”—David P. Jones, editor and director of New Dawn magazine

“Frank Joseph is an utterly brilliant, fearless explorer of our ancient hidden past. His books are peerless, mind-bending trips of discovery into the scientific genius of civilizations that once ruled the planet. His dedication to revealing our true history—kept hidden from us by orthodox, grant-fueled ‘science’ and those who control our world—is unfailingly inspiring. In this, his newest work, he once again guides us on a breathtaking, dazzling journey into the reality of the advanced science and incredible technologies our forebears discovered and used to make their civilizations thrive.”—Jeff Rense, host of the “Jeff Rense Program”

“Impeccably researched, Ancient High Tech transports the reader back through history to the remarkable technological achievements of various ancient civilizations around the globe. From the earliest attempts at aviation to refined structural engineering to sophisticated healing therapies, Frank Joseph’s comprehensive investigation illustrates that early cultures were much more advanced than generally believed. Each of the progressive societies mastered various forms of technologies and each suffered a similar fate: they collapsed. Perhaps Ancient High Tech is a compelling reminder and warning that technology does not make a civilization superior.”—Brit Elders, CEO at

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