Aliens at the Pentagon

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For years, the U.S. government denied they investigated UFOs, so when the existence of a secret Pentagon program to study the phenomenon was revealed in late 2017, the bombshell revelation made headline news around the world. The Pentagon’s classified UFO project was so cleverly hidden, it didn’t even use the term “UFO” in its title. Known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), this multi-million dollar classified program researched and investigated UFOs, with even Congress knowing nothing about this super-secret unit.

Nick Pope used to investigate UFOs and other unexplained phenomena for the British government, leading the media to call him “the real Fox Mulder.” Now Pope exposes the secretive workings of the Pentagon’s real-life XFiles unit, using his past experiences to tell the incredible story as only an insider can. Learn the secret history of AATIP—how it studied videos of military jets chasing UFOs, looked at “mystery metals,” and even conducted tests on encounter witnesses. This work takes us close to a definitive explanation of the UFO mystery, but that explanation might not be the one people are hoping for, because the T in AATIP stands for “threat” —and there’s a reason.

Directed by and starring Nick Pope of “Ancient Aliens” and “Unsealed: Alien Files.”

DVD, 70 minutes plus special features.

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