A Patriot’s History of Globalism Its Rise and Decline

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Larry Schweikart, Stephen K Bannon

Larry Schweikart has won wide acclaim for his number one New York Times bestseller, A Patriot’s History of the United States. Now, with A Patriot’s History of Globalism, Schweikart shows that globalism, or the attempt to form a one-world government is nothing new.

In the wake of Napoleon’s defeat in 1814, the globalists of the day (mostly monarchs) sought to create a governing arrangement for Europe. Within forty years, three of the major participants were at war with each other. After World War I, they tried again at Versailles, this time even more aggressively changing boundaries of nations and moving populations. That attempt only lasted twenty years before another major war between the participants. Yet again, after World War II, globalists used the threat of the atomic bomb to try to form an international government with the United Nations.

Most recently, the World Economic Forum and World Health Organization are attempting to minimize nationalities with global control of money and medicine. But there are signs this tide has been reversed and is finally in decline. A Patriot’s History of Globalism is the gold standard text for the history of globalism. Hardback, 360 pages.


“In this wide-ranging, compelling account, Larry Schweikart exposes the hubris and egotism that lies beneath the autocratic, utopian dream of a world order, showing the common arc of globalism’s efforts since the days of Prince Metternich and the post-Napoleonic Congress of Vienna to the discredited recent attempts at control by Dr. Fauci and the WHO. It is an informative and sometimes comedic portrayal of the recurring efforts of a deeply flawed, overconfident and self-righteous elite, working to control the messy competition of the struggles among nation states, but in the end, achieving little other than self-aggrandizement and depredation. The account implicitly recognizes that competition among nation states remains the best hope of mankind to preserve and expand liberty, self-governance, and prosperity. It is an optimistic book because it reminds us that for two centuries the common sense of ordinary people has been a reliable force for checking the worst abuses of the globalist elite.”—CHARLES CALOMIRIS, AUTHOR OF FRAGILE BY DESIGN

“With a keen eye for quirky and fascinating details, Schweikart takes us on a rollicking tour of the forces, personalities, and conflicts—from Napoleon to Covid—that shaped the modern world.”—BRIAN FREEMAN, NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR

“This book corrects the record on the heinous global movement to eliminate nation states in favor of godless, socialistic, authoritarian rule. Kudos to Larry for fearlessly highlighting the spiritual component of this struggle, which threatens personal liberty and prosperity for all of mankind, and props, also, for his contagiously optimistic outlook about how this battle will finally end.”—DAVID LIMBAUGH

“Any reader . . . will see immediately that it is a serious and substantive volume, based on a full recognition of the important secondary sources written by our major historians.”—RONALD RADOSH, FRONT PAGE MAGAZINE

“A welcome, refreshing, and solid contribution to relearning what we have forgotten and remembering why this nation is good and worth defending.”—MATTHEW SPALDING, NATIONAL REVIEW

“No recent American history challenges the conventional wisdom of academics as aggressively as Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen’s A Patriot’s History of the United States.”—DANIEL J. FLYNN, FRONT PAGE MAGAZINE

“In his latest book, A Patriot’s History of Globalism, Schweikart demonstrates the dangers of globalism. Through detailed and entertaining historical accounts, he explains how the attempts to align the globe—whether prompted by greed, hubris, benevolence, or elitism—have failed while simultaneously highlighting the importance of the Four Pillars of American Exceptionalism and showing why America is unique (though, increasingly less so) in the world. This book is a reminder of the failed attempts of the past and the need to reverse the trend of globalism to uphold the idea of America.”—CHARLES LOVE, SCHOLAR AT 1776 UNITES AND AUTHOR OF RACE CRAZY: BLM, 1619, AND THE PROGRESSIVE RACISM MOVEMENT



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